The importance of Sports Journalism

Sports journalism is the writing of reports on sporting topics and games. It is an essential element of any news media organization.


Sports have become increasingly global in the modern age. The combination of sports, media, and television, has transformed major events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games.  Sports journalism can at times appear global and outward-looking, and can also be local in focus and intensely domestic in its concerns. Sports journalism is shaped by the particular patterns of cultural, social, and political evolution that form both the sports and the media industries.


Related to globalization is digitization. Digitization has apparently compressed on journalism in numerous forms. Many are looking to bypass the traditional journalistic communication structures and speak directly to their audience. In the digital age, the sports industry increasingly attempts to rule its image through the growing use of public relations and other aspects of media management.


Marketization has wedged the sports and the media industries. The reporting of the political and economic dimension of sports has become more important in recent years. The sports industry now regularly involves major media and financial institutions as well as government involvement. This process has blurred the boundaries between traditional notions of sports journalism and about the sports-related activity. The increased centrality of the market in the media industries has helped the expansion of a celebrity culture, into which sports stars increasingly find themselves drawn. This expansion has also shaped sports journalism where there has been an increase in the number of journalists both freelance and staff reporting and commenting.

Sports journalism and writing is now also seen as a key element of most newspapers as they reposition their appeals in attempts to attract new readers. However, the introduction of increased competition in the television market, and the corresponding explosion in the coverage of sport, there is little doubt that the expansion in sports journalism that is evident in media market would not have happened to the same degree.

Media’s Influence on Sports

Much of the recent growth of interest in the sport has been driven by the media. It has bought the rights to major sporting events and their promotion. This has vastly increased the income of sports clubs, governing bodies and professional sportsmen and women. It has been the major factor in turning many sports clubs in businesses.

Sport’s Influence on the Media

Media organizations have grown and adapted accordingly. New radio stations, television channels, and websites have been set up. They have developed radical new programs to attract the viewers and listeners. They have also adapted the ways in which they deliver their content, to serve the ever-expanding range of mobile consumers which now expect immediate information.

Newspapers throughout the world are devoting more towards sport. This is partly in response to the general upsurge of interest in the sport. It is common to all socio-economic classes and partly because newspapers recognize the effect of television on people’s lives which they try to reflect it in their coverage. However, live television coverage of a sporting event is a major operation. In addition to a writer and summarize, journalists and sports professionals may be needed to provide expert analysis, and camera operators, technicians, and a director are required to provide and mix sound and pictures. The suitable number of outside broadcast vehicles is also necessary. Much of the time of producers and researchers working in television, who often work for companies set up to provide sports outside broadcasts, is spent in organizing all this.  Online material is provided by journalists writing for other platforms in the organizations, although a specialist team may process it for the website.

The effect of the WEB

Web sites have had a significant impact on television, sports news channels, sports report, and programs. They also use tools and design features from websites to increase the amount of information they can provide at any one time. Their screens now resemble sites, offering continually changing information in crawlers across the bottom, and frequently updated information in sidebars. They are also heavily dependent on figures such as league tables, fixtures, and scores. The print media now also provide much more space for sports statistics, breakup sports news stories and features with sidebars and graphics. Use more pictures in more creative ways, and make extensive use of material gathered from social media sites.

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    Sports Journalism is an extremely important field which isnt getting its due importance in Pakistani curriculum.

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