Internet has revolutionized human lives and has influenced youth by its advents, several impacts have been felt on individual, societal and national levels. One of the most vibrant inductions is that of the social media websites in the domain of internet. Social networking has become a wide sensation for youth as well as adult alike. These networks include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. It has number of pros and cons associated with its usage.

Social Networking is Ideal source for the present and future generation to communicate with each other and find what’s happening in each other’s lives, however it can create a complexity in a person. It can include posting pictures, arranging them into albums or even sending numerous instant messages free of cost. People can easily look upto their favorite celebrities and mail them with their desire feedback as well as celebrities pictures can be seen to keep the youth updated about their Idol’s lifestyle and work.

Nowadays, the technology has become so advanced that people can find out the relationship status, address and phone numbers within no time.  Using social network an individual life problems and difficulties can be discussed and surprisingly people try to help out  the person in distress. Moreover, it allows especially to the youth to get to know about their friends or other people personality through their profiles and see their likes and dislikes. It has become one of the source for organizations to promote and create a image of its firm by posting their projects and find recruiters. Besides the official usage, people also like to use social network websites to ease up their mental stresses after a busy day at the office or at school. Even, people can also keep themselves in touch with their families and friends who are not in the city or country. The best part about these websites is that it fills up these gaps by formulation of better and stronger ties with people across the globe.

On the darker side,  the social networking websites are not that much secured and have been presented with privacy issues. There are number of hackers who are pros and hacks largest data from the website in order to attain information and power of their competitors. Time to time cyber-bullying  has increased immensely and have become a reality for internet users. Many reporting channels are not effective in controlling such discriminative activities and reduce the exposure of bullying.

Furthermore, people of different mindsets are using social media, so they contain various religious ,  political affairs and talk about cultural issues on the websites, they start enforcing their ideologies through websites this can reduce the tolerance level of internet users and they may get into unnecessary arguments which can bring out poor outcome of working relationships due to hatred words spoken on the social media.

Above all, these websites are quite indulging and are perfect way to waste precious time by surfing internet for hours and hours.

Lastly, social media is a good source to interact with people, it can create a good impact on the society if it is used in a positive manner however, privacy and cyber-bulling are getting in a way of enhancing and supporting of these sites in a large scale.

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq