Inhumanity By Media Club HITEC

Human!!! Why so Inhuman?

Nowadays when the era is of human advancement and we are advancing day by day in science and technology. This is the 21st century, new inventions are made every day but with every advancement in these glorious fields there is some part of us that is fading away that is dying inside us, the part because of which we are humans, this is the part of our values and ethics. A common observation is that today we see humans all around but humanity is nowhere to be found.

Well no one now wants to help anybody on the streets because we are just too afraid of strangers of what they might be like they could be some thugs or thieves. Moreover we see every other person with suspicion. We now are just too busy in our lives in making the most of it in making of a bright future by gathering wealth and all but we give least consideration if so called humans even have a heart that beats and it has some feelings and emotions or should just refer to it as humanity. These days our friendships and relationships that were once considered pure are now often for just some benefit. We show no mercy to our subordinates, yet we demand justice for ourselves. When it comes to some poor we demand the righteous act to be done but for ourselves we like bend the rules a bit. We can’t stand not eating something for one meal yet we don’t care if some poor lad can’t sleep because of hunger.    

We live in a world that recognize all beliefs and anybody can join any cult or belief he/she prefers still we are insecure about our religions. We live in a world where people eat different dishes from different cuisines at same time while millions sleep with an empty belly. We live in a world that is more concerned about what some celebrity wore at the Grammys but are least concerned if somebody near us is in need of clothes. We live in a world peaceful than ever still every nation is armed and ever ready to attack. We live in a world where people are 24/7 connected to each other by social media but have no time to sit together and have little chat and laugh together. We live in free world yet we are bound by our own world inside us. We now have become a bunch of narcissist hypocrites.  Apparently, we have been through worse and now the world looks free and happy place to live in but with a keen observation we can tell that people bustling around are just like spokes on a wheel turning day by day, over and over again and no one cares to stop for a jiffy and think that why are we just working? For whom? For what?  Why are we just gathering wealth when it can’t bring happiness and satisfaction to us because the real happiness lies in helping and caring for others so let’s keep the spark of humanity in our chests alive. In this constantly pacing life we have learnt to pace up with it but our humanity is left a little behind so right now lets think a little, evolve and make a difference.

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq