Interview of Nimra Khan C.E.O of Zarsaya By Youth Times

Interview of Nimra Khan C.E.O of Zarsaya

Why did you start this business?

– I did want to introduce my creativity and innovation in the fashion domain. My aim is to highlight our cultural heritage by following new trends.

Q. What sort of stuff do you have?
– It is indeed heartening that my collection is an intelligent fusion of dominating eastern and western cut lines.

Q. What kind of event dresses are you offering?
– My collection consists of casual, semi formals and party wear reflecting all tints and shades.

Q. Have you taken any professional training of fashion designing?

Yes I am currently following the relevant field of excellence pertinent to the fashion world after a vigorous four years of training.

Q. Any person from your family or friends inspire you that you come to this field?
– My dad who during his studies abroad has had interaction with global societies spanning from Zulus of Africa to the people of Finland, dressed up in extra colors, told about his experiences, noticing costumes and traits that has tempted my views about my brand- Zarsaya

Q. Do you think that in this era of high economic fluctuation people like and come to buy and are taking interest?
– Yes, who so ever has the high sense of admiration for jolly new, unique and affordable fashion.

Q. What’s your target market, targeted customers?
-As my trendy collection is highly based on indigenous material, there isn’t any particular target group of customers. All segments of society can enjoy the deal.

Q. How you managed I mean designing and stitching dresses?
-My endeavors strictly follow time management. We take time and develop our products.

Q. Are you dealing in both gender(s) outfit, females and males?
-At present I am concentrating on female choices and do believe to extend the male cut lines later during this year.

Q. Your outlets covering other cities also?
-Thanks to the media and their average, my items are introduced in a couple of Pakistani cities and Sydney in Australia. At the moment Zarsaya is dealing online in Islamabad and the outlet is to be opened pretty soon.

Q. Do you have web/online purchase offers also?

Q. In present environment, that is more conscious about his/her personality, males or females, what feedback you have about it?
-Every person whether man or woman shall be crystal clear about the color and cut lines which suit to their personality. Zarsaya has taken this practical notion of working elegant right from its inception.

Q. Are you preparing outfits on special orders also?

Q. How many supporting staff members you have?
– Alongside active family involvement and support, other experts of marketing, graphics and design are the core contributors of Zarsaya.

Q. What is the future of this industry? What is your analysis and prediction?
-Fashion always follows the path of its lovers and as societies of our part of the earth, i.e. South Asia as it is quickly entertaining in to the high social standard, would like to see and exhibit their prosperity. That shall be done through innovative trends such as Zarsaya, envisaged judging the pulse of multitude of fashion enthusiasts of the South Asian nations. This, I am proud to present, as a milestone for my exclusive Zarsaya.

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Writer: Fahad Farooq

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