IQRA from the eye of an “IQRIAN”

IQRA from the eye of an “IQRIAN”

People might say that Iqra University is just another ordinary university or just another building on the face of this planet. But Let me tell you, the significance of the word “IQRA” for an “IQRIAN” For an Iqrian, IQRA is a place that will help you find that something, lost within you. A place where you will learn more than what books can teach. An environment which incites excellence and where you can acquire the skills to endure and overcome the obstacles of life. At  University we inspire leaders entrepreneurs, innovator and people who don’t just live in this world but strive to make it a better place for others and Tectiqs is a prime example of efforts put in by our university for sake of the nourishment of students.

By Hur Shafi & Usama Rabbani / IUIC

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