“I’ve Lost A lot” By: Warda Idrees Ch.

Learning from pain,
Losing what is gained;
Leaving the world alone;
Protecting the heart beneath a stone.
To everyone, does it even matter?
Broken roses, path shattered.
So many compromises;
No gains, just pain,
In my lonely inner world, it always rains.
The world of darkness,
The chain of hatred,
The increasing vengeance,
The breaking thread.
To smell the fragrance,
I hold the thorns,
The weeping eve, the morning mourns.
Calling for help I’m shouting here,
Falling down deep in there.
Who wishes for sufferings?
Who wishes for pain?
They just come like a black cloud
That heavily rains.
I’m losing myself in the hands of fate;
Left alone in this world, full of hate.
The erasing existence, the fading trust;
Going away seems to be must.
Sitting alone in a room full of despair;
So much hidden in eyes, but no one to share.
Finding the answers to asked questions,
That lost away in the paths of deflections,
Carrying on the lifeless words,
Cuts deep inside like a thirsty sword.
Lying alone, looking at the past,
Seems to me a beautiful dream
That shortly last.
They call me a nuisance that no one needs,
I’ve lost a lot… a lot indeed!

By: Warda Idrees Ch

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