JAGO (Joint Alliance for Generation’s Objectives)


(Joint Alliance for Generation’s Objectives)

 Youth Organization

“5 years of services at Peshawar, Islamabad & Abbottabad”

Started their work at 2009 with a small team JAGO youth organization was on its way to be a well-known youth organization in Pakistan. JAGO Youth Organization will complete their five years of appreciateable work  and now is counted among successful organizations working in major cities of Pakistan with 500 plus members in different cities serving youth and organizing different youth events and other activities for different age groups.
Team JAGO is working on the behalf of youth, and carries out events involving school activities and youth grooming sessions at schools, colleges and universities having their recent session at COMSATS institute of information technology Abbottabad campus. JAGO Youth Organization is also helping and sharing hands with orphans at different orphan houses and Helping the needy ones in the holy month of Ramadan by arranging Aftar for the deserving people.

The Organization also have their blood donor society working in Abbottabad region, another milestone covered by JAGO  Youth Organization this year by establishing “JAGO  Adventure Club” which have already organized trips to adventuress parts of Pakistan involving their recent trips of Neelam Valley  and Mushkpuri top, their coming trip is of 7 days adventurous tour to Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu, Deosai and Rama Meadows.

JAGO Youth Organization was initially started as a small project team for Peshawar region and restricted their work to Peshawar, but slowly and progressively Jogo Youth Organization’s wings expended to main cities of Pakistan and now having branches in Islamabad, Abbottabad, and Peshawar and soon they are starting Swat & Malakand Chapters.

JAGO Youth Organization has recently completed project FALAH which covered helping the needy once with “AFTAR” during the holy month of Ramadan but considering the more important aspects around this year the project was expanded into helping out Waziristan IDP’s to bring them some relief.

For its affective work JAGO youth organization has been presented with the PRIDE OF PERFORMANCE by KPK Olympic association & CERTIFICATE OF APRECIATION BY COMMISIONER HAZARA DEVISION KPK PAKISTAN.

JAGO Youth Organization, a seed implanted by a small group and now the shadow of it is over three cities of Pakistan. These people dreamed big and they achieved just because of their hard work and dedication.

For any queries and FAQ, feel free to contact us.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jago_medacell

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jago.org

Email Address: jago.infoo@gmail.com


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