Kaymu Karavan – Making it Real

Kaymu Karavan – Making it Real

Kaymu – the leading online marketplace of Pakistan – seems to be going through a very exciting phase as for the first time in the country’s e-commerce history, an offline campaign is being launched. Yes you heard it right. An online marketplace has launched its campaign under the hashtag Kaymu Karavan that will roam around the country and will educate people regarding e-commerce at different stages.


Kaymu Karavan Karachi

The journey has already begun. It all started from Hayderi Market Karachi and after making different stops throughout the city, the caravan is all set to sail off its journey to Lahore and will then reach Islamabad. The whole journey will take 10 days in which it will roam around three cities at twenty different locations.

The sheer number of crowd and participants it attracted while out on the road shows its success. Plus the free wi-fi forced people to stop and make good use of this opportunity. Social media websites like Twitter also went abuzz with people sharing the pictures of the Kaymu Karavan. People shared their pictures and other updates on Twitter as well as Facebook under the #KaymuKaravan.



Karavan’s Achievements

This Karavan is definitely going to make a lot of hits that otherwise would have been impossible. Taking an online venture to the roads and streets could have manifold effects. First and foremost, it will give a direct and firsthand information to the people who are interested in knowing the Kaymu product. Since the internet penetration in Pakistan is around 15 percent, it means that not many have idea about the online marketplaces in general or in particular.

Secondly, considering the way they mingle with public will help disseminate the information about e-commerce. Many of the people today remain uneducated regarding this burgeoning sector. This will definitely help bridge the gulf.

Thirdly, as Kaymu is committed to nurture the entrepreneurs and allow the maximum number of products it can offer. Such candid introduction will encourage people to use this platform more often. And finally, it will reinforce the brand image.

The array of activities they’re going to offer will definitely hook many of the passersby and commuters. Even prizes and souvenirs will be distributed among the participants. The vehicle on which the campaign is being run basically carries a giant SMD screen in the shape of laptop, which airs and features a lot Kaymu related videos and the success stories of some of the sellers at Kaymu.

Shaping the future

This way, Kaymu has actually set a precedent for other e-commerce shopping websites. It has showed that one ought to use all the tools that are hand in order to spread this one message. To create awareness among the people regarding the online shopping, there is no harm in taking a detour and landing on the roads.



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