You come back home after spending a hot and sweaty day out, your first preference is to take a cold water bath. You bath and now you are feeling light. All clean and fresh so you think you have taken care of your personal hygiene well? No way. Personal hygiene is way more than that. From your scalp to the tip of your toes, you are responsible for the cleanliness of even the minute parts of your body. So how are you going to take care of your personal hygiene in the best way? This article is a right stop for all the tips and information regarding the body hygiene.
The things you are going to read in the upcoming lines could be the ones you already know but you still tend to ignore them disregarding the fact that these are the things which take us towards good health. You will get to know that how these little things which you neglect are the bases of good health. “Hygiene” literally means ‘a set of practices that are performed for the preservation of good health’ but it goes much beyond that. Let‘s get to know about a few practices that are helpful in maintaining ideal health.
The very first step towards the personal hygiene is ‘hand hygiene’. Now why it has been called the first or basic steps? Because most of thhands2e diseases especially cough, cold and influenza etc spread when we have germs on our hands. To avoid that you must wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before eating anything, after shaking hands with a sick person and after
using toilet. Cutting the finger nails are so much important because your nails are the favorite place for germs to live. Keep your hands clean as much as possible.
Take a minute and generalize how often in a week do you bath? You would be surprise to know that it’s not more than twice which is not impressive at all. You should take bath on regular bases to rinse off all the dirt you have got on your body. Washing your scalp hair and keeping your hair short is another essential thing to do in this regard. With that you are suppose to remove excessive hair on your body which might be holding bacteria.
Imagine that you have finally got alone time with your beloved and you get close to each other for2DCF5F3D00000578-3290252-image-m-6_1445937959942 a perfect moment, but you suddenly realize that you haven’t brush in a while and your breath smells like a rotten egg the next thing you would do is ‘run’ before your loved one runs away from you. Whoa! It’s all wastage. To get a fresh breath every time you need to be very conscious about the cleanliness of your mouth. Brush your teeth twice a day strictly and use mouth freshener after every meal so that bacteria can be washed away along with the smell. Also you must avoid food that will give you a sour breath. Always keep mint gums and candies with yourself to get a refreshing breath within seconds.
You shouldZ1UjbLn3QCqc0tnJuTST_Perfume stay very much mindful about your body odor. Body smells because of the chemicals in the sweat, wastes excretes by the skin and actions of bacteria on the dead skin. Bet you will not want people to stay away from you, will you? A study says that 60% of your impression comes if you smell good so start working on how you smell. Use antiperspirant deodo
rants and roll-ons to prevent yourself from body odor. Get yourself fresh by the middle of the day and use body wipes including body mists to smell nice. You can use talcum powder in the soles of your shoes so they won’t stink. Wear your favorite perfume to leave a long lasting impact on the people. Spray the scents over your wrists, behind the ears, around the belly button and neck for the fragrance to stay longer.


These are some of the tips and practices which you can imply in your daily routine and get astonishing results such as good health and more people within your circle. There is nothing cool about your swag if you are rocking with poor hygienic habits. After all, staying clean and hygienic is the key to tidy mind and thoughts.

Written By: Farwa Jasmeen

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