Keeping happy is a great medicine By Ali Ahmad Mufti



Keeping happy is a great medicine

Making someone happy and helping each other with the give and take of good deeds is really a true happiness  and by applying this treatment there is no need of any medicine for mind relaxing .

Happiness is when you recognize someone that has made an effort to make you happy , and made a way to  let you out from the hardships  of your life, actually it  is  not a word it is a feeling that starts a journey from your brain surrounds in your body and the end is your heart ,after this you feel like a fresh drop of water that has been recently fallen on the petal of the flower .Sometimes there are some moments that can’t be explain in the pair of words but the smiles and expressions that make  eyes lighter and brighter elaborates the condition .

Staying happy and keeping happy are the two different words  but are with  co-relational meanings .Staying happy is that you see, feel and react to  things, people, nature in a positive way but keeping happy is something different, making words and sentences according to the scenario to make someone feel good and making an understanding with his/her thoughts and to react like a person whom was with his/her times that he/she has spent , it is the way like if some one wants to tell you something make him/her assure that your completely listening to him/her and are listening by heart because if there is something fake in your attitude towards others it is easily being captured .

Some people in this world are the good listeners and some are good speakers ,the better one is who makes out with both of the qualities together, speak truly ,listen heartedly it will sure help you in making your personality more than the best , when you  listen someone with true concentration and he/she is completely in the process to tell you every thing about  what he/she is feeling or  his/her problem  you have won the half battle of impression remaining half is to provide him/her  positive way or positive suggestions regarding his/her problem , when you are done with this whole treatment towards him/her  you have won the field and the result will be confirm “Smile” from the opposite side,that is the  key to happiness ,and if you can feel your inner you will definitely be having a great spirit of happiness that is surrounding in your body .

Everyone has that great thinking but it just needs to be get polished by taking some time for yourselves and obviously for others as well the whole story is in this small 9 to 10 words that is:

“Stay happy and be the one to provide happiness”

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  1. noorulainfatima
    November 30, 2014 at 1:05 pm — Reply

    happiness is what when u makes someone smile stay blessed and happy …… u rockkk

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