Kindness; The Way To Earn God’s Will

Kindness; The Way To Earn God’s Will

Ever since I have opened my eyes I have seen my parents doing one thing with all zeal and zest they have and it is the act of kindness. Even if it got difficult for them to carry out this at times, they did and they still do it selflessly. So what is this thing which we call ‘kindness’? Wikipedia will tell you that kindness is a quality of being generous and friendly with others. But for me it’s more than that. Not every person who is friendly is termed as ‘kind’. Why because kindness is when you treat others in the best way where you know that this person cannot return you with the same thing.

The True Essence of Kindness

This term includes limitless acts that are done to humans and non-humans as well. The urge to go beyond everything to help someone is kindness, to make someone feel beautiful is kindness, to provide with something beneficial to someone is kindness, to listen to one’s story and tell one you are here is kindness.  It is a power which is greater than wisdom. Kindness will cost you nothing but it will only bring people closer to you. Is there anything more beautiful than this in the world? To get closer to God’s creation will make you closer to God Himself.this-beautiful-random-act-of-kindness-was-photographed-give-this-awesome-guy-a-like-for-caring

One small act of kindness is never wasted. You just don’t know how it changes someone’s life or make their day through this act which may seem minimal to you. And you don’t have to be rich to be kind, if you have money you can always use some part of it to help the needy but if you don’t have enough money even then you can be kind. Here are some ways you can be kind towards someone.

·         Listen to a depressed person

Every single person you see has a history and an untold story which you are unaware of. You also have no idea how much a person is desperate to pour his heart out. You just have to listen to them without judging. Trust me a good listener is hard to find. So if you cannot find one, be one! This is a little act of kindness but can you measure the ounces of satisfaction you have given to that person just by listening to their story silently?hqdefault

·         SMILE because that’s what you got a face for

Does smiling cost you anything? Of course not, then why not to smile. They say smile is the only curve which sets everything right. This is a quickest way to make strangers your friends. Also a little smile that you give to someone can lighten up their day. Again don’t take this small act worthless because if you can put a smile on someone else’s face by just smiling yourself, then you can literally do anything in the world. Otherwise no one is going to believe that there is a kind person behind that stern face.cute-baby-girl-smile-rabbit

·         Helping the voiceless creatures

Personally I believe that animals are more worthy of our kindness than human beings. They cannot speak it out what they want. They cannot express their feelings as we humans do. If you see any animal in trouble you must make him get rid of that problem. If you have a pet animal then you must take good care of everything about them and trust me they will return you with lots of love. Other than that you can make thirsty dog drink water, save a cat from starvation, or simply release birds from cages. Remember this non-Muslim woman who earned Jannah in the period of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) just by providing a thirsty dog with a cup full of water? Yes folks, you got to try Kindness if you want to get closer to your creator because Kindness is one of His attributes.Koala-Saves-From-Brush-Fire

Serve your enemy and kill them with your kindness. An example worth quoting here is that during the incident of Karbala, Imam Hussain A.S served Yazeed’s army with water to quench their thirst. The commander of that army later joint with Him all because of this act of kindness. You see how kindness can turn the hearts of people even the unkind ones who need it the most. Always keep it in your mind that kindness finds its way back to you. If today you are kind to someone, tomorrow someone else will compensate you with the same kindness.

Therefore, Keep Calm and Be Kind.

Written By: Farwa Jasmeen


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