Failure: The Motivation to Your Success

“Failure”, a word that we all fear! It is in the human nature to commit error and to fall but all of us tend to hide our failures and are ashamed of them. If all of us make mistakes then what makes us so afrad of it?  Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we fall and we fall hard but successful is the one who stands back up, stronger than ever before. Some of the most successful and renowned people have failed in their lives. From scientists to writers, from successful business men to artists all have a story of struggle that is filled with their failures, but all of them have faced their failures courageously. This is what makes them different then the people who are not successful as they wish to be.

Accepting that it happened:
The first and the most important part of getting over your failure is that you accept it. Do not be ashamed of being at fault, as you will learn more only when you make mistakes. You need to know that it will not be the end of the world if you fail an exam, a job interview or even a relationship. Life happens; things do not always work out to be as you plan them. It is because sometimes you only learn to value your achievements when you fail to achieve them. So accept that you tried your best to pass a difficult subject and yes, you failed it. Accept that you started a new business venture and it put you in loss, because it is only when you start accepting it you start moving forward and learn from the mistakes you have made.

Searching the cause and processing it:
Once you are able to accept your errors it will be much easier for you to point out your own flaws and do better next time. Do not blame others for your failure. You should try to seek your own mistakes, the things that you lacked and they became a hindrance to your success. Once you are able to identify your mistakes you will then come to the step of processing those weaknesses. If one way is not leading to your destination, try another way, and if ten of the ways do not lead you to your goal, the eleventh surely will! A very common proverb says “try try again and you will succeed.

No pain, No gain:
The road to success is not going to be easy, even when you have failed once. Sometimes you will fail more than one time, but you should never give up! The moment you give up is the time when you actually fail! Failure is going to cause you a lot of pain. It will be the best teacher, as it will teach you to work hard, be patient and to be humble. Once you have learnt these lessons you will be on the path of success. A path on which you are meant to be and nothing will be able to stop you. Don’t let your failures define you; let them be a definition of your success story!

By: Aimen Saleem

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