Let’s unlock your writing skills


Let’s unlock your writing skills

Theme: Qissa; The story of my catastrophic life.

Write us about your unusual experiences with life, about the social taboos you faced being a special individual of Pakistani society. Let out every injustice you have ever faced being a human through your words and tell the world how you fought with all those obstacles in your life. It’s a high time to be an inspiration for rest of the people who are going through the same issues as yours.

(You may write on the taboos like: Physical violence, sexual abuse, transgenic life, mental sickness, addiction, atheism, women violence, courtesan, child labor, honor killing, deadly customs, marriage, divorce, emotional harassment or any other struggle that changed your life and evolved you as a person.)

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  1. World length: 3000-4000 words
  2. The content should be original and it should not be copied from anywhere.
  3. Your Story must not be previously published in any magazine or previously a part of any competition.
  4. Judgment criterion includes plot, grammar, and presentation (the way idea is put in words) and also how inspiring is your story.
  5. No age limit.

Dead line: 5 August, 2016

Send your entry at with subject line “Competition”

Winner Reward Certificate and Gift Basket

Grab your pens and start writing

Good Luck!

For any query message us at Youth Times Message

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq