“Life” By: Ayesha

Life is a beauteous and most admirable bounty of Almighty Allah. I am one fortunate being whom Allah blessed with extraordinary life. I am well aware of the fact that I am a disabled person but this does not matter to me as I believe our reflections and thoughts determine the course of our lives.

Difficulties and obstructions come and go in every man’s life but they should not be intimidated, for this is the prime reason of the existence of the man. Allah created man from clay because it knows how to endure the harshness of the seasons, and man knows how to fight the troubles, given that he is determined enough. I truly despise that ideology of people who think that the life of disable one is useless and stark and have no right to speak and cheer. Every inch of this theory is fallacious because I, regardless of my disability, manage to cheer and laugh and keep busy in constant search to give my life a meaning and a reason to live. Probably, that is why those who used to consider me useless now admire me but the percentage of such people is as low as 30% but I want complete success.

I believe in my Lord that the day when I will be triumphant in my purpose, the flawed ideology will shatter and it will be proved that I was right all along and they were wrong.

By: Ayesha

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