Life Of A Typical Pakistani Girl After She Crosses Her Teenage

A typical Pakistani girl lives with her parents by the time of her birth till the time she gets married off in an ‘arranged setting’. Modesty, decency and morality are the key elements that every Pakistani girl should supposedly consist of. Reputation of a girl is fragile in Pakistani society. Every move you take is closely observed.
Ever since you cross your teens being a Pakistani girl, a long list of DO’S and DON’TS is handed over to you. Your responsibility increases. They tell you to be at your best all the time otherwise nobody will MARRY you. And there you go doing all the stuff required to be a well suited wife nobody can dare to reject. From getting expert in ‘gol roti’ to clean and do the dishes, you do everything they ask you. Your dressing, your friend’s circle, your choice to go on hangouts all of it gets in accordance to your family. In short, your life comes under the direct supervision of your home authorities.
They will be less bothered to ask what you want to do with your life instead; they will start expecting things from you. You are expected to take care of the family members, cook, clean the home and do rest of the house chores. The list does not end here. You are expected to say YES to the marriage proposal which again is of your parent’s choice even if you don’t like the guy. Furthermore, what if a marriage proposal strikes at your home during your study years? No problem, you are supposed to leave your studies and get married because this is what your parents want. So where is your will? Where are your choice and the decision of getting a degree and build a career?
What if you decide to get married and you are one lucky girl marrying your own choice and you think that all is well for now and later? You are mistaken. By preferring your choice over your parent’s choice, you have doubled your responsibility for now you will have to show them that how right your decision was. To prove this you can go to the end of the world because you are a typical Pakistani girl by all means. You face whatever wrong and right is done to you in your husband’s home with a smiling face. Also you let your in-laws to interfere in your personal matters. Oh Wait until you are emotionally tortured to start a family even when you are not ready for that.
Then there is another case. You are an independent girl and by that I mean your family stands by your decisions and support you fully to build a career still the society you live in will not let you breathe. They will point fingers at you. Your family will have to listen crap like ‘this family likes to enjoy the earnings of their daughter’ and things. Awful, isn’t it? And there is a lot more through which a typical Pakistani girl gets to go. If she is unmarried and a working woman, people around her will be captious. They will make stories about her character, label her and take privilege of her innocence. To get rid of this, she will simply give up her career and become a stereotype and do as all the other girls are up to until she dies.
This is what a life cycle of a Pakistani girl looks like. There are very rare chances that a girl strives to break this cycle and mend it by the way she likes. And girls who do so have to crush through all the social stigmas which are the hurdles of their way. We, being a part of the Pakistani society need to give space to all the Pakistani girls who are struggling with their lives and should encourage them to do something purely for themselves. For that we got to start it from our homes, take care of your mother, sisters and wives and show your trust in them. At least for once in life let them do as they like.


Written By: Farwa Jasmeen

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