LIFE by Ali Raza Gillani

Who says life is beautiful?

Maybe it used to be but not in today’s modern era where living itself is a constant uphill battle of survival. You have been severely tested and jagged by this materialistic world and its hypocrite rules which play no role in making a man in a gentleman but transform him in to a savage beast who is ready to plunge in its darkness if he wants to lead a successful life. There are power hunger animals who can go to any extent to get what they want to. One can be optimistic seeing things in a positive light, ignore terrible things happening around him. But then it is living in an illusion rejecting the harsh and horrible realities of life. This can be the one side of the definition of life and world. There is another however, how many of us have really tried to make a world better place? How many of us have sincerely done something to diminish the cruelty and brutality of the world? The answer probably will be very few. And those few human beings are not complaining but doing their best to make things better. Iqbal, Mother Tressa, Edhi are the few names from the long list who were and are making the world a better place to live. Who are trying their very best to make it less cruel so that our coming generations can live in peace. They are fighting against the oppression, against the injustice, against the nepotism and they are fighting hard. So it is up to you if you want to be a nagger or want to be like latter. It is up to the individual that if he/she succumbs to the pressure or fight back and does not compromise on his/her principles.”

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