Little little rain drop

Little little rain drops

Upon a Wheel of Cloud

Rain so hard, even harder on me

Down the sky, therefore I stay outside


Something on insistent…

Or something other than this

Let I, I to be locked in

Until the unseen rain


little little rain drop

upon the wheel of cloud

drop on me so that I absorb you

let me grow, grow my spirit


make me feel you, so alike you

filling the sea, floating in the sea

passing by the garden

making a place on the leaf as dewdrop


little little rain drop

rain on my face and make me shine

rain on my heard and let its beats, beat the sun

rain on my name, and let me tell you who am I


join the wind, pass by me and let me fly

rain in the dark and let the light leak

LORD curves your magic stick and let that rain drop

So I, I shall never miss to see that unseen rain






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fahad farooq

fahad farooq