The long lasting Moto Z-Force


One of the long lasting and the most durable phone has been released. It is not manufactured by Samsung, LG or iPhone but it is a Moto Z-Force. Motorola has made one of the most functional and unique phones. If you often drop your phone, then you must now have to switch to Moto Z. it contains a screen which is shatterproof and offers a long lasting battery but no headphone jack. Now you will be able to take pictures of 21MP with a phone.

Who plays the part?

As Motorola Mobility works in collaboration with Lenovo, so that means Lenovo has played its part in the Moto Z- Force series, which makes the mobile unique and exceptional in its features. This phone is no doubt offers much more features than the Moto X but it is simpler and easier. It is a phone which only grab the attention and is very noticeable. The components, as well as magnetically attached feature, makes everything on the phone to be plug and play. You just do not have to apply old tactics of changing the battery. It enables you to modify the battery without getting it to be restarted.

Features of Moto Z-Force

The Moto Z-force reviews are positive because the phone offers an AMOLED display with HD screen. It supports the density of 535 ppi pixels. The phone is very handy, not gigantic neither too small. The front side is embedded with sensors. The phone is just 5.2mm which makes it the thinnest phone ever. The screen is embedded with layers which make the phone shatterproof.



The hardware of the phone Moto Z and Z force is almost similar. It comes with a Snapdragon 80 Qualcomm processor with 4GB RAM and 530 Adreno GPU. The performance of the phone is marked excellent in 2016 as compared to smartphones available in the market. It offers a variety of connectivity options like NFC.

The Z force comes with a little bit more thickness because of the addition of battery of 3400mAh. It means it will inevitably run long and charge fast with quick capabilities. The company claims that you will be able to get 50 percent of the battery charged in just 15 to 20 minutes. However, Moto Z also offers the same battery options but not as fast as Z force.


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The testing of all the features of the Moto Z-Force has proved that the phone is very easy and intuitive to use. The camera, the sound everything works great. However, the testers are still looking forward to for rigorous testing in the upcoming news. The software of the phone is very similar to other smartphones. It is familiar and straightforward to use. The interface designed is user-friendly and the Android used is Marshmallow 6.0. These additions have been made to make the phone unique with the motion gestures, active display and much more.

According to the customers Moto Z-Force, the phones owns many other capabilities.


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