LOVE: A Reality By Auqs-e-mah Kiyani


LOVE: A Reality

They say what Love is. Is it that moment when you get Goosebumps just by a single look at your crush or is it those tears which just slide down your cheeks by the first look of the cute little life in your arms, to protect whom you might cover on in a falling house, breaking every bone in your body but saving him even from a small scratch. Is it the supernatural feeling by a single touch of your loved one or is it the sister giving her chocolate to little brother saying “I don’t feel like eating it, here take it”. Well these all are the moments of love. Love of a mother-child, sister-brother or father-daughter is indubitable but what about the romantic love, how do you know whether your love is real? Well that is a million Dollar question.

Some say it is when “Farhad” digs up a spring of milk from the mountains for his beloved “Sheeri”, or when “Shah Jahan” builds marvelous Taj Mahal for his lovely wife “Mumtaz Mahal”, it is when a prince “Salim” starts to have feeling for a Kaneez (servant) “Anarkali”, or when “Heer” falls in love with “Ranjha” memorized by his flute playing skills, or wondering in the deserts like Qays or “Majnu” for not getting her “Lyla”, or when “Sohni” swims through the lake on an inverted hard baked pitcher to meet “Mahiwaal”. Well if you believe these are the stories of true love then you can, because no one was left alive to confirm it. They died either by drowning or by driving themselves mad. So the mystery remains unclear.

Some terrible things are depicted in the movies like if one is hit by a stick then the pain and mark of it appears on other person’s body or the famed dialogs that I can make you a necklace of moon and stars. Well for some it might be a dreamy moment but practically it is just a “LOL” moment and the fantasies of love. Reality is much more different than these absurd fantasies.

The Question still remains unanswered but in Islam it is well responded. We Muslims believe Nikah is a bond that ignites a spark of real love between a husband and a wife. It is said by some wise men that binding a man and women in love/liking in Nikah is a marvelous as well as sagacious work to do. But still what qualifies as a love/liking expression?

Well it is said that if a man likes a women the best way is to approach her parents not the women herself. This shows the respect for the women in a man’s heart. After Nikah the relation of care, love, compromises and understanding starts, which by the way is real love. Islam also gives the permission to meet and understand each other before Nikah and in my opinion the best place to meet her is her parent’s place.

Some God forsaken souls make Islam a difficult and rigid religion but the reality is Islam is the modest and most flexible religion of all. If you think that Islam does not approve to understand and explore each other, then you might want to rethink it. In my opinion one or two time meeting is more than enough to explore each other. What is the point of fully understanding a person?

You cannot fathom a person until and unless you live with one and it is only possible after Nikah. Believe me life will be much more interesting if you reconnoiter each other after Nikah. The start and the most difficult part of your marriage will be spent by amazing each other by revealing different habits, moods and skills. Meanwhile an unforeseen force of nature will persuade you to fall in love and that is the utmost powerful, strongest and influential feeling ever.

The choice is yours, whether you want to find a love like Romeo – Juliet or Heer – Ranjha, ready to be deceived several times before you find your prince charming, or you desire the most sacred and beautiful love and be with each other for a life here and hereafter with a bond of Nikah. Stay blessed and make a right choice because…


In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln

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