Lucky to be in Pakistan Says a Nigerian By: Abiola Moshood Atobatele

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Lucky to be in Pakistan Says a Nigerian

Have had to answer lots of questions from Strangers within the Street of Pakistan, the most common which is “why have you come to Pakistan?, If many of us are striving to go out of Pakistan, Given my jovial nature I tend to understand the fuss and share the worry, but as facts as it, It’s safe to confess that am lucky to be in Pakistan, My Journey to Pakistan started early 2011, I was almost 18 years of age, although as soon as I stepped out of the plane landing at Benazir Bhutto airport, my eyes were fully open, ready to see a new world with intensified world of Islamic culture, ready to dodge bomb blast attacks, as the media as shown me all the while when I was in Nigeria, my Dad decision to let me further my study in Pakistan was justified just after few months, as I started really enjoying my stay, I saw a beautiful culture quite similar to the Northern culture of Nigeria where I hail from, I also met many loving people contrary to what have been heard of in the past and in the media.

My first day in school was  a living memory, what was shocking about the day was, people who would meet me for the first time, would greet me with the Islamic greetings as well as a Hug, at first the hugging part felt strange to me, and I would stretch out my hands only to get a hug in return each time, I very quickly get used to this and in fact started greeting in the same style, I saw this was a part of a beautiful culture that had already influenced me, the cup of tea served every morning in that small looking cup is really worth a morning take, and even today ill rather go for the desy tea, funny enough my first meal was Paratha and Pepsi which I had on breakfast on my first day in Preston University Islamabad, friends later told me” you don’t drink cold Pepsi with paratha”

Comparing Pakistan with Nigeria, I might want to say Pakistan pretty has a lot in common with the Northern Nigeria, this might be because of the common religion. Pakistan is right on top of Nigeria when ranking of most populated countries

Pakistan is one of the biggest chapter of my life, although I had lived in Pakistan most of the year all alone, since my dad left pretty soon after my admission due to some unavoidable reasons, ever since, it’s been a roller coaster, after all, it is not so easy to be self-sufficient at that early age, thanks to Almighty Allah I managed out and was able to pass through my though times, since fingers are not equal I met Good people and otherwise people, in all I learnt.

More interestingly I got involve with debates and oratory competitions, and it was fun comparing the debating style in Nigeria and Pakistan, Pakistani Urdu speakers are so emotional, with voice raised speeches, I learnt pretty fast the Urdu language as I made new friends daily. Before I learnt Urdu, people would gossip about me in the local vans and buses, I had fun chatting with lots of guys in the Ching Chin, and even today on my bike, I still have strangers who want to say “hi” while passing by.

As soon as I learnt Urdu, there comes lots of awkward moments, I remember many times when people are talking about me and I simply say in between “ Bhai Kia Karehe”  the shock on their eyes says it all, that makes living lots more fun, I started interacting with locals in their local dialect, at some point when I lived in an hostel in Rawalpindi, I got to know a lot more about Pakistan’s culture and different versions of Urdu, I was able to learn some word in Punjabi, Phusto, Sindi  while in my hostel.

Coming to the dishes, I have probably had all of them, since Pakistani food is a kind of a general type, I’ve had less difficulty with them, the most common food between Nigeria and Pakistan is Rice, and that made Savor Foods one of my favorite, I have enjoyed the Burgers from the local shops, Halwa Puri was so tasty except for the Oily part, I had most of the Dals ranging from Dal Mash, Dal Chana, Dal Kima, Dal e.t.c,  I learnt Roti is the back bone of Pakistan dishes as it’s included in all of the dals.

For my academic life, frankly I am a per time jobber and a student, I have great passion for Speeches and debates, and that saw me participated and won number of Debating events, am currently actively involved in the Preston University Debating Society, I have done declamations, Parliamentary Debates, MUNs, Writing Competitions and few others, most of the places I have been in Pakistan was as a results of these debating competition, I tasted the Lahory foods, Have listened to the typical Faislabadi Punjabi, Enjoyed Hospitality of Swabians, Enjoyed been teased by Pindi boys, Architecture of bahria town is awesome, the Zoo was a memorable visit, and I still like it late in my room in Islamabad.

Although my Country has abundant of tourist areas and attractions, it unfortunately happened that for as much I have lived in Nigeria, I did not visited most of the places, so my tourist trip starts off in Pakistan, I won’t forget the beauty of Muree, it’s my Final year currently and still awaiting lot more adventure.

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  1. Mirza afaq
    November 19, 2014 at 6:21 pm — Reply

    Dont worry , funda is on , we will arrange a adventurous tour very soon

  2. October 23, 2017 at 8:24 am — Reply

    great news really happy to read.

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