A Makeup Starter Kit for Beginners – Drugstore (Budget-Friendly) Version

DISCLAIMER – This post has not been sponsored by any makeup brand nor any form of revenue is generated by the writer or Youth Times by writing this post or making product recommendations. The products mentioned in the article are entirely on the basis of personal experience and tested over a time period. However, your experience may/may not be the same so keep your skin-tone , skin type and skin condition in mind before selecting any product.

Hello Everyone! Eid-ul-Fitar is almost here and all we are doing right now is making plans for the first three days of Eid .Most of us would still be visiting the mall on daily basis in search of the perfect dress and those of us who have accomplished the former would be on the lookout for the matching pair of stilettos. Then there is the clichéd “hairstyle gossip”, some of us would be booking an appointment for a haircut and the rest who are satisfied with their hair-length and style would have to make the difficult decision of choosing between loose curls or dead-straight hair. It’s a pattern ladies, we all do it.

Now coming back to the topic, makeup is actually the very last thing that pops up in our minds when we go “Eid-Shopping” which is what inspired me to pen this article. It would be an overstatement if I quoted that makeup is the most important factor in your Eid Basket this year but it would be genuinely true and an honest confession that the right kind of makeup look combined with your dress and accessories can actually amp up the look you planned for! So start thinking ladies, what do we want? A classic red lip with a bold eyeliner or maybe a subtle smoky eye with a lot of mascara and a nude lip? Either way let’s have a sneak peak in the makeup bag that has us inspired this time.

This article is not specifically for beginners, it is for anyone who wants to get ideas or feel the need to freshen up their makeup collection or maybe add a new inspiring product. Below is the list of few makeup items which we deem as essentials for ourselves and believe that they just may work for you as well.

1) Moisturizer

Your top priority? A moisturized and a well hydrated face! we cannot stress enough! The market is flooded with budget friendly moisturizers with added benefits of vitamin E , Aloe Vera and SPF, grab whatever you like. We recommend the daily moisturizers by Neutrogena.

2) Foundation/ BB Creams / CC Creams

Flawless skin or uneven skin-tone, you need to have a base product in your life! If you have a clear skin then grab a BB cream which will provide you a light coverage and freshen up your look. In case you have a sad and sallow skin then add a CC cream in your stash. It has green, lavender and peach color- correcting pigments that counteract the excessive redness, yellowish undertones and bluish-purplish pigmentation anywhere on your face and add a decent amount of coverage as well.
We have been loving the Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation and Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream.

3) Concealer

Dark circles or acne marks in your life? Add a concealer too! A concealer gives you that extra coverage and helps blur those nasty blemish marks and bags under your eyes. The Maybelline Fit me concealer is a suitable match for most of the skintones.

4) Face Powder/ Translucent Setting Powder

Once you have accomplished the above, your next step would be to set it all. The market has a lot of compact powders to offer but we are after the one that is more finely milled and appears less chalky on our face. A good setting powder may/may not give you an extra coverage but it promises oil free and matte look on every application . (Girls with oily skin, Pay Attention!) Secondly it stops your concealer from creasing and setting into the fine lines under your eyes. Think about all that cake under your eyes, sounds familiar? Then compact powder/loose powder is a must have ladies.

What’s the difference? A compact powder is what you must have seen your mothers and khalas using while growing up. It has bigger particles that are made up of stick-together ingredients which are pressed down in a pan that usually comes with a sponge-like applicator and a fancy mirror. A little goes a long way and most of them add a tint to your face so go easy on it.

A translucent setting powder usually on the other hand comes in a tub that will last you ages and has comparatively smaller and more finer particles. It helps set your makeup, is un-tinted and keeps your face shine free. Just dust the smallest amount and you’re done!

We are absolutely in love with Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder and Maybelline Setting+Perfecting Loose powder. They are easy to find and easy on the pocket.

5) Eyeliner

Who doesn’t love eyeliner? Eyeliner is a staple in our makeup stash and something at least we cannot think of leaving the house without. The makeup companies have played around with the concept of eyeliners for a long time and come out with so much variety!

We have gel eyeliners pots that come with a decent brush, felt tip eyeliner pens for those who like doing winged eyeliners.Kohl pencils who love a smudgy eye look, kajals that come in a bullet form, nude waterline pencils and basic brushed tips eyeliners for a classic line. So much to choose from.
The Maybelline Colossal Kajal and L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Pro Felt Tip Eyeliner are our holy grail eyeliners.

6) Mascara

A good mascara gives you voluminous and lengthened lashes. If you are not an eyeliner person, a little mascara would never hurt. Invest in a good one and add drama to your face with fluttery lashes.

Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara and Maybelline False Lash Effect Mascara are the two best ones out there and that too under the price tag of 1K (PKR).

7) Eyeshadow Palette/ Quad

Sticking to the concept of our eye makeup, we always opt for an eyeshadow on festive occasions like Eid and weddings so we like to stock up on one that is perfect. Essence is one of the brands that has our stamp of approval when we think of quality on a budget.

Essence does a variety of cream and powder mono eye shadows , quads and palettes in metallic, 3D and matte finishes. The Wanted palettes by ARTDECO are dupes for the Naked Palettes at a very affordable price tag.


8) Blush

Blush is hands down the most understated product in our opinion. It is not an option infact it’s existence is mandatory in your makeup stash and your purse. Just dab a little on your cheeks for a healthier and fresh looking appearance. Let’s admit that all of us are not blessed with sculpted cheekbones but a hint of color and highlighter on your cheeks can draw attention to your face. We recommend getting a coral/peach colored cream blush instead of regular powdered pink one as it blends well into the skin that looks if you are naturally flushed.

9) Lipstick/ Lipgloss

When it comes to a lip product we have three must haves! A daring red for a classic pin up look, a pretty pink that goes with anything and everything and a nude lip color that looks like your natural lip color but better. A lip liner is optional but a lipstick is essential in a woman’s beauty routine. All the brands out there have a ton of different kinds of lip products to offer in matte, semi matte and glossy finishes.
Essence, Diana of London and Luscious Cosmetics do good quality lipsticks in a lower price tag so do check them out if you’re out looking for one.

10) Makeup bag

Any bag that is spacious with a good quality zip closure works!


That is all for today ladies, we hope that we were able to give you a basic idea of what kind of makeup you may need in your life. Do feel free to show us a picture of your makeup stash in the comments section below, tell us what products are you loving at the moment, the more we share the more ideas we get. If you fancy a high end/ luxury makeup starter kit then let us know in the comments below, we would love to help you find the right products that are easily available in Pakistan. Eid Mubarak in advance from the team of Youth Times!

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