Makeup Tidbits – Getting Ready for an Iftar Get Together

Makeup Tidbits

Ladies, we have gone through half the month of Ramadan and by the grace of Almighty our spiritual devotion and resolution is going strong. Though hunger, thirst and fatigue has taken its toll on us yet we still aim to celebrate the entire month with religious zeal and fervor. Apart from the special sehr o Iftar arrangements and the preparations for the upcoming Eid, another thing that keeps us excited are the Iftar get togethers! I mean who doesn’t like lavish menus and pleasant gathering at the end of a 16-hour fast but apart from the food and the company, another important factor that keeps all the ladies geared up is the chance to dress up and look good!

An Iftar get together at an uptown restaurant with friends or simply hosting one at home with family over, an “elegant look” is always on top of our checklist. Dressing up and women go back a long time in history and seldom have we seen a women who doesn’t rummage through her closet at least twice before deciding what to wear in the evening. Be it a professional workaholic or a stay at home mom or a college student, we like to dress up and bask all the compliments that we can get and there is ABSOLUTELY NO DENYING IT! This article is penned down in order to guide all of us on how to apply our makeup correctly to help us achieve that flawless and elegant look. So ladies, take a break from usual chores and assignment and follow the below 5 step regimen.

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  • Keep Yourself Hydrated – Hydration in Ramadan apparently seems impossible but it’s quite the opposite. Don’t forget to apply your regular night creams and serums before going to bed and drink fresh juices and plenty of water at regular intervals between Iftar and Sehri to keep your skin glowing and radiant. Hydrated skin and a good moisturizer ensures a smooth canvas for flawless application of makeup.
  • Keep Your Base Light , Go Natural – Your base/foundation is one of the most essential step of your makeup routine and minimal base is the way to go. Keeping the soaring temperature in mind, ditch your regular foundations with a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. If you have a clear and flawless skin then a tinted moisturizer is your next best friend. Incase you are worried about any acne marks, blemishes or dark circles peeking through, you can always touch up the problem areas with a concealer, absolutely no need to go heavy on a foundation when the concealer can do the trick.
  • Brows to GO! If you were not naturally blessed with arches like Cara Delevingne’s then lightly and I say “very lightly” touch up your brows and fill in the gaps with some brow wax/powder to redefine your brows. Your eyebrows hold the highest face value in terms of makeup and emotional expressions and nothing says elegant more that a pair of well groomed eyebrows.
  • A Simple Eyeliner look – Eyeliner fanatics like myself cannot resist the urge to play with their kohls and gel ink pots to try a variety of looks but this Ramadan, we have to express self-restraint and keep our wings short! Don’t go overboard with your eyeliners or glittery eye shadows, it will take too much of your time and trust me there is no need for all the hardwork. A single swipe of brown eye liner close to the lashline will define your eyes in the most subtle manner but if you like to spice things up you can always layer your lower lashline halfway with a colored kohl pencil.

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  • Lips, Bright or Light? Let’s face it, all of us have our phases of bright and nude lip colors. A bright red lipstick may seem the perfect choice one day and on another we have our minds set on a Kim Kardashian inspired nude lip. What to do? Go with the flow. A bright lip would add color to your face if you have opted for a minimal eye look whereas a nude lip would pair well with dramatic eyes. Either way it’s a win-win.

Remember, always let your natural beauty shine through!

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