But, Does it matter?

We all do so many things everyday that we can not even keep track of the content. Some are basic necessities need to be fulfilled, others are daily chores we can not function without. But lately, we all have been a little disoriented with regards to what we do. There are so many things that need to be done but lack our attention and so many extra activities we look forward that are not important.Our days revolve around the good, the bad and the okay of everything. Our actions gravitate towards the more beneficial and important tasks. We concentrate more on the outcome than the income of things. We try to propel towards what is far and forget what is near.
The question is: Does any of it matter?

Disagree with the wrong FACTS, not the wrong OPINIONS

A girl walks past with a curious looking attire. She is wearing a dress that is something out of the blue. We give her a once over and roll our eyes at her fashion sense. We huddle in a group and talk about it and point out the flaws. We laugh at the ridiculous pattern. And finally when we talk to her, we judge her conversation just because she had a strange sense of style.

But, does it matter?

If what she wore was in conjugation with what our religion teaches us? If whatever print it had did not violate any law? If the figures on her dress did not personally offend a specific group of people?

People hail from different backgrounds. They have different ideas and thoughts on a better life, a perfect look and a sensible style. One might believe red to be a part of every dress she wears, others look for more sober choices. Some of us mix two or three colors and go for a psychedelic look, others like to blend in a single shade.

It does not matter what a person wears. He or she may not be able to afford the right type of dress they wanted to wear and had to compromise on an economical choice. We do not know the story behind every happy or sad face, but we can try to at least put ourselves in their shoes for just a moment and try to be creative as to why the person chose to do the thing he did. Maybe, that will help us understand their choices. Opinions are changeable; facts are not. Choosing a peculiar looking dress is practically applying your opinion. Buying a dress that violates the norms is violating a  fact. Respect the global facts and not your personal opinions.

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What matters is what is inside

He likes to read novels. He likes to play most of the time. He is a little boy and he is average in his class. He does his homework, only very occasionally misses it. He divides his time nicely between work, sport and leisure. But he is reprimanded quite often by his parents or his siblings or his teachers for not being up to the mark. For under-performing or for not living up to his potential. His elders try to choose for him so he can be successful.

But, does it matter?

If he is an obedient boy who is kind and caring towards everyone? If he never protested that he wanted literary sciences and not biology? If he always tried what his parents asked him to do?

Everyone has a potential, a stamina for something. While its right for parents and elders to tell their wards to work hard, its also important to keep in mind the ingredients they are adding to the recipe. If you want to cook success, here is your ingredient number 1: ask your child what are his interests. He likes to play and he likes to read. Let him go into things his mind is willing to take risks for. Let him be a scientist if he wishes to invent, let him be a teacher if he likes to articulate, let him be a sportsmen if he wishes to play, let him be an engineer if he wants to design.

Ingredient number 2: ask yourself, are the extra activities of your child beneficial or harmful? Is it spoiling him or nurturing him? If its the latter, surely you must question yourself that why are you turning down such a good deal? Who cares if its not something a normal child would do. Stop stereotyping. Be creative.

Do what matters!

Life is short, everyone knows that. But nobody does anything about it. What can we do about a life that is short? We can try to improve the standard of our living. And by that, I do not mean quantitatively or monetarily, but qualitatively.  Try to do things that matter and avoid things that have no real purpose. Make your life simpler and avoid complications. Try doing things that really matter.

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