“Mother’s Day” By Noor

Mother’s Day!

Look what’s around the corner! Mother’s Day! Yes it is that special day celebrated to honor the “Mothers” of  the family. A mother is a true gift of God. To put in Erich Fromm words, “Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.” This love is the most pure form of love with which Allah has compared His love!  A mother is like a cool shadow in the scorching heat of the cruel world. She is ideal of her daughter and the first love of her son. Whether a part of modern city or a simple countryside, a mother will always be a mother- a loving wellwisher.  As Robert Browning said,

“Motherhood- all love begins and ends here.”

The celebration of Mother’s day to honor motherhood and maternal bonds, began in 20th century. Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church was declared as INTERNATIONAL MOTHER’S DAY SHRINE as a tribute to all other mothers. Mother’s day is celebrated in more than 46 countries of the world. People pray in churches, gift their mothers or have family dinners together. It is sort of a New Trend in Pakistan to celebrate  Mother’s Day. There are many communities that vote for and against celebration of mother’s day. Don’t you think finding a moment to appreciate someone who works day in and day out for you isn’t such a bad thing? For the people who think it is not a part of our culture and is like blindly following the West, well lets take a moment here. “Mothers” hold a special position in Islam as well. It is quite evident from the famous Hadiths,

Mother’s Day Deal 

“Your heaven lies under the feet of your mother.”  (Ahmed,Nasai)

and, “Be good to your mother.”(Bukhari, Muslim)

It is stated in the Holy Quran,  “We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she gave him birth.” f1b2c3da1f61239b6e9be4d9807059f2(46:15)

Now the question arises; shouldn’t everyday be mother’s day, father’s day etc for us? We live in a society where families stay together  unlike some other cultures of the world where family system is unknown. Yes, but now in 21st century, things have changed a great deal….our traditions and cultures too. The number of Elderly Care Homes in Pakistan has increased in the past few years. Do I need to further  elaborate my point?

Mothers are a gift of God. Our parents are the only people who love us no matter what! They are always on our side. And we? We don’t  have TIME to talk to them. We can waste hours on social websites and mobile phones SOCIALISING and REDUCING DISTANCES but not a single moment to thank our parents for their tireless efforts to bring us up and give us the best that they can. So lets take a moment this mother’s day and thank our mothers!

Mother’s Day Deal

P.S. this “Thank You” and “ Happy Mother’s Day Mom. You are the best!” should not be just posted as statuses and tweets because showing the world that you care doesn’t make you a good son/daughter, paying tribute to your mothers in real life, in simple ways, by obedience, will surely make you one ideal son/daughter.

“All that I am or hope to be,

I owe to my angel Mother.”

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