Motivational Seminar in BZU Lahore


Seminar Bzu

On Feb.18.2015 a motivational seminar was inducted by “YOUTH TIMES” in BZU LAHORE CAMPUS.  This motivational seminar was sponsored by KBM GROUP, TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS CLUB (TBC) and BZU MAJLIS-E-ALOOM-E-ISLAMIA.


This seminar was inducted & managed successfully due to the countless efforts of Team  & AMBASSADOR YOUTH TIMES -HASSAN IQBAL.


This event was fruitful due to the speakers. Talented speakers were invited. JAWAD AHMED (PRESIDENT OF ISLAMIC SOCIETY BZU) a very talented personality. One of the highly ranked speakers and talented students in BZU. The second speaker was ARSHIA RAHEEL from PUNJAB UNIVERSITY. Young dynamic speaker with a mission to change the society thinks and helps you to understand life better. She’s a youth activist as well & ambassador of different organizations. ARSHIA is also the CEO of President of MIRACLE MOTIVATIONAL CLUB.


`The workshop was anchored by USAMA FARMAN (DIRECTOR COMMUNICATIONS TBC-BZU). Finally with the arrival of speakers the seminar started exact on time. Usama welcomed the speakers and introduced them in front of the audience. Our first speaker JAWAD AHMAD was called. He engaged the audience through his wonderful speech and experiences that he shared with the audience. According to him every person in this world is a born legend.  Patience is the main ingredient to be a successful person in this world. You can’t become a hero in one day, for that all you need is tolerance and determination. Just decide what you want to accomplish act on it, don’t give up. Audience really applauded his thoughts, then anchor called ARSHIA RAHEEL the next speaker. The agenda of her was almost same. According to her point of view success is in the hands of the person. All you need to do is just find your strengths and make them your best tool. She was also applauded hugely by the audience.


Seminar BZU

Later, in the end prize distribution ceremony was held. Certificates of participation were awarded to the speakers and were by given by HASSAN IQBAL.


According to the audience the event was extremely amazing and such seminar must be organized most often.

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