The Myth of the Islamic Brotherhood By Harris Niazi


The Myth of the Islamic Brotherhood            

‘’United we stand, divided we fall’’, Though it was never really known who actually said that yet this universal truth has proven its validity from time to time. When it comes to Muslims, the significance of this reality increases because of the bond of brotherhood that they share through Islam. But the converse prevails, I mean who would have thought that despite having a strength of 1.6 billion all over the world, Muslims would suffer such turmoil? Who would have thought that despite having more than 90% followers of religion of peace in regions like the Middle East, it would be one of the most violence struck and unstable regions of the world? Who would have imagined that the countries with Muslim majority will be most hunger and war stricken?

 Though the Muslim Leaders still claim that they are bound by the ‘’Islamic Brotherhood’’ yet they do not tend to let go any chance to back-stab one another. And this cruel reality is so much clear that even in the conferences like the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) summit, the flashy cameras look shadowy, warm handshakes rather seem chilly and the vows taken prove to be meaningless.

Muslims against Muslims

0,,17742518_303,00I often think that the enemies of the Muslim World would time to time have a good laugh about the present condition of Muslims. When Muslims are good enough to destroy each other from within, who needs an external foe. I would like to explain it by taking in consideration the current situation of the Middle East, which is now a battleground for a number of conflicts apparently related to the religion, however actually it is more of an economic war and more of a contest of who would have more power in the region.

As the land of the holy places, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was expected to bear the responsibility of being a Big Brother to the Muslim World, instead the only thing Saudi Arabia did big is that it is the biggest Muslim financer of the Islamic Extremism around the World. Instead of lining itself up with the Muslim World, Saudi Arabia aligned itself with the Western powers such as the United States. And Now the Holy Land has more close economic relations and security agreements with the US and even with Israel (1) than with any of the Muslim countries. Moreover, the fact that is hurtful is that they are deliberately doing this. This thirst of power in the region has rendered the Saudi government witless and it has become a tool in the western hand against the Islamic Republic of Iran and also in destabilizing the Syrian government.(2)

Despite of having its own problems of bearing sanctions and gradually being isolated in the region, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been fighting this battle for power balance for a long time now. Iran too, has supported the rebel and extremists groups within the Middle Eastern countries in an effort to have the sectarian might and to counter-balance the Saudi Arabian power in the region. Though Iran has close ties with the Syrian Government, it still prefers the economic ties with India and Russia more than it would with any other Muslim country.

The roles of Qatar and Jordan in further increasing the instability in the Middle East are outrageous. Qatar supports extremism through funding ISIS and other terrorist groups against Syria & Iraq while Jordan allegedly harbors the base for the training centers of terrorism and provides militants of ISIS with weaponry.

When it comes to Turkey, it seems like Turkey wants to show its presence both in Europe and the Middle East at the same time. Its role in supporting ISIS in Syria is horrific, with providing open support to the rebel groups in Syria just to undermine Bashar ul Assad’s regime. Turkey being a part of NATO, finds it more suitable to work for Western interests than to serve its responsibilities as part of the Muslim World.

Outside Middle East, Pakistan is another Muslim country whose role in strengthening Muslim ties among the Muslim world is questionable. Being the only Muslim nuclear power, Pakistan was expected to become a protector of the Muslim World but instead it took the way of self-destruction by harboring terrorists, joining un-necessary conflicts and becoming a vassal state for the Western powers. Today Pakistan will trust China or even the US more while making economic and security decisions instead of any other Muslim country.

israel-palestine-mapThe negative parts that the above mentioned Muslim countries have played in undermining each other just to gain power have resulted in the instability and the gradual downfall of other Muslim countries like Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon etc. Muslims showed weakness in protecting the bond of brotherhood and that resulted in the gradual extermination of Palestinian Muslims and the strengthening of countries like Israel, which despite being the only non-Muslim country in the region, still stands stronger than any other country in the region.


Who is to blame?


While most of us tend to blame the Western conspirers and other enemies of Islam for disunity of Muslim community, it is however a bitter reality that Muslim themselves are mainly responsible for the disbandment of the Muslim World. Muslims were declared ‘Brothers’ by Islam and the concept of Islamic Brotherhood is the core belief of Islamic values however somewhere along the way they forgot this concept and indulged in aligning themselves with their enemies so closely that they forgot to distinguish between enemies and brothers.

In spite of the fact that Muslims are large in number, they suffer the most. It is time the Muslim World must realize what we have lost and what we are going to lose if we keeping on moving this path of turning on each other. It is time we decide whether we want to join Libya, Iraq and other countries in their fate or we want to stay strong and protect the remaining integrity of the Muslim World. I think it is time we revive this concept of the Muslim Brotherhood and transform it from a myth to a reality.

(1)Saudi Arabia recently signed a security agreement with G4S (a security company responsible for the construction of prison and torture cells for Palestinians in Israel) to make security arrangements for Hajj.

 (2)Saudi Arabia was one of the first countries to agree on attacking ISIS in Syria (to further destabilize Assad’s regime) despite the fact that it has been a key financier of ISIS.

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