Need of Career Counseling in Pakistan

Choosing a professional career is one of the crucial decisions a person takes in his/her life but unfortunately majority of the individuals take this very important decision without proper consultation and knowledge regarding the field they are opting for.

Although, the number and variety of professional careers have remarkably increased in the past few years but majority of our youth is unaware that which professional career would match their personality and interests. As a result, many individuals get demotivated or frustrated because they are in the wrong place but most individuals are
unable to identify this problem because they feel that it is their personal weakness that they are unable to show their best performance in their field which proves to be even more discouraging. But the truth is that every person has unique abilities that need to be identified and polished so that the respective individual utilizes those abilities in best possible manner to prove his/herself and to achieve that, career counseling should
be encouraged and promoted.

Most of the students find it very difficult to choose a career or get confused because they don’t know yet what they actually want in life and what are they good at, that is why they need professional help in this regard, professionals who can access their
personality, likes and interests and then help them to find what they want out of their education and life.

Following statistics* show the impact of this issue:
– Percentage of students that take admission in higher education institutions: 26%
– Percentage of students that got dropped out of the higher education
institutions: 76%
– No. of students suffering annually from lack of career guidance: 250,000+

Studies reveal that lack of career guidance is one of the major reasons of this high dropout percentage. Not only that, the remaining percentage of students who somehow manage to carry on their education are observed to feel dissatisfy from their choices.

In larger cities some organizations provide career counseling services and educational expos are conducted in this regard but this trend should be made more common. Colleges should conduct career counseling sessions so that the students get an idea about the professional career they should opt for. Universities should also offer career
counseling services before the admissions season so that the students who are interested in joining that university should know that which discipline would be suitable for them. In addition to that, primary and secondary schools should also be
more observant towards their student because in that age students are most likely to develop their interests and with the help of that timely observation and guidance students can perform better and get a clear idea about their future choices.

Without any doubt, the trend of career counseling can provide the youth of Pakistan a new way to think about their abilities and help in developing individuals who are more likely to feel satisfied with their professional career choices.

*These statistics are quoted from the following website:

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  1. muneeb sandhu
    December 24, 2016 at 7:36 am — Reply

    i appriciate you to take up such a good initiative for valuable youth to guide them for a better career i life, i’m too student of mass comm and looking about it rather pakistani media is helping youth to keep them motivate in life or show them a right path of their career.

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq