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In recent months I was looking for a job.Like many,I was searching on different job web portals.I didn’t noticed but applied for some appropriate jobs.According to my qualification,my requirements and my location.I was also keeping a careful eye on the sources or the recruiters.

After some days I got some calls.One of which was an email from next generation school systems.I thought its a new network.

That was a proper email with all the information. Information relating to all its branches. They informed me about the pay scale they are gonna offer me.I showed a screenshot of that email.



Requirement of that was filling of a form with my all information.That seemed authentic in all its ways.I previously applied for some government jobs for which I saw same types of forms.So I decided to go further.


I filled the form that required a fee submission of almost 1700.I submitted as required . Later I got no response.After two weeks I tried to inquire.The email address was wrong and couldn’t  be approached.


I evaluated from this experience that an authentic recruiters will never charge any fee. Its another scam .They were looting in the name of jobs.Instead of helping each others we try to benefit from others weakness.






I decided to write about it because I have a National Identity card number. I wanted others to beware of such NIC .

Beware of these numbers and never pay for a job.

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