The not so cool ones on ‘bakra eid’

Eid is almost over, no more ‘baa baa’ coming from our backyards. No more goats and sheep in every street you pass from. One highlight of this ‘bari eid’ is the ‘bakra’ or whatever sacrificial animal you get. Be it a goat, a sheep, a buffalo, a cow or even a camel. The hunt for the perfect animal starts while a month is still left in eid. ‘Bakra mandis’ are setup in various places in the twin cities where people go to find the most suitable animals for sacrifice.

Starting the day

While on ‘choti eid’, the day kicks off with ‘sawaiyyan’ (vermicelli) or delicious sheer khorma; but on this eid, the day starts after eating ‘kaleeji’ of your sacrificial animal, mixed with onion, garlic and tossed with lots of spices. That is however if you’re lucky enough and your butcher comes early. Or else you’d have to start your day with the conventional ‘anda paratha’ or the bread and jam that you normally have for breakfast. Sorry for the latter case, my condolences with you. Hehe.

The ‘not so cool’ ones

Now that the animals have been sacrificed, meat done and distributed, barbeque parties and dinners attended; people are getting back to their normal routines. However what compelled me to write this little something was the burger kids of our society, particularly girls who are not only reluctant to eat the meat of the sacrificed animal, but fell so very proud doing so. It’s like it gives them a sense of superiority, saying stuff like ‘Oh, I don’t eat mutton’. ‘I just can’t, I feel disgusted’. ‘It smells’. I have literally seen girls asking at the eid parties if a particular dish has mutton and then simply refusing to eat it. This has become so common, in fact many memes have been created on this topic that were seen flooding the facebook, twitter and Instagram feeds during the eid days.

bakra eid

Spot on

Now coming straight to the point. Okay you can’t eat the meat because you feel disgusted or you find the meat smelly or whatever. Yes, that is totally acceptable. But that is nothing to be proud of or even brag about. Telling it openly and pompously to others and boasting of about it, is so not acceptable. It doesn’t make you cool, to be honest. By no means does it give you a superiority edge over the rest of the girls who enjoy eating mutton. In fact, these other girls are so much more awesome than you, enjoying a blessing Allah has provided them.

Next time you go to an eid gathering that has all dishes made of mutton, stop complaining that you can’t eat anything. And instead of starving yourself, eat the gravy of the mutton dish with the ‘naan’. You shouldn’t have a problem with this at least, you brat. Hehe, no offense. And do not make a fool of yourself asking the hosts if a particular dish has mutton. They were kind enough to spend hours in the kitchen making those dishes for you. Show them at least some gratitude and respect.  Repay their kindness by not expressing your dislike for mutton. That’s the least you can do. And if you really need to ask if a particular dish has mutton, then ask your mom in a muffled tone. Its ‘bakra’ eid after all, why shouldn’t the dishes be of mutton; makes total sense.

Happy munching! Bakra or just the gravy. Lol


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