Obaid Hyatt Malik – Deputy Director Media / TectIQs’16

Sometimes you need a lot of words to describe a person and other times you just need one, his name. As kahanees go, once upon a time there was a boy who came to Iqra university just for a degree but made the institution his home, created a fellowship which even the long journey to Mordor wouldn’t break (Some of them may die along the way ;0). But whether it be the task of taking care of my precious or being the deputy of “Media” director, it’s just a walk in the park for this young chap. As you spend more time with him, you come to know that how good a man he is. He has a great knack for his trade, being arguably one of the best photographers in the university. But the thing which makes you feel good about him is his behavior with others. He is a kind person with a heart of gold. And you can always count on him to be there for any problem regardless the condition he is in. He will stand for you even if he is sick, has not slept for a day or has to fight off orcs for you. And once the job is done, he will be standing in the back to avoid the lime light, just chilling, you know. He will never brag or make you feel bad or small by reminding you of the help or something. Truly, a genuine person he is, our deputy director media, Obaid Hayat Malik.

by Usama Rabbani / IUIC

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