Oh little Angel

Oh little Angel

‘And after we marry I am going to love you more than I do now.’
I hear my brother reading aloud the letter his girlfriend gave him as a birthday present to my mother and I. After he read that line, time stopped for me as well as my heart had stopped beating as if in immense pain.

And the image of her face flashed before my eyes. And I remembered her. Remembered how she used to say that, say how we would live happily ever after with a little family of our own.
Most of all I remember her; her long brown locks,her snow white complexion, her deep brown eyes,her stunning smile, her enchanting laugh and her petite self. She was an angel, an angel in the form of a human. She was my angel or at least she used to be.
She was the snow white who broke my heart. Who broke me into a lifeless being. Who made me into a numb soul with no emotions.Everything reminds me of her.
Oh little angel, why did you have to destroy me?
Destroy me so that I do not have the power to live on.
Oh little angel, did you hate me so? That you had to bring me to the point of no recovery.
Oh little angel,did you despise the love I gave you? That you had to make me into an emotionless robot.
Oh little angel,do you love it when I suffer? That every time you tried your best that I would cry,with tears constantly falling down my face. For crying is a man’s true weakness.
Oh little angel, do you know how many times I cried after you? More than you can count, for endless days and nights.
Oh little angel, you know why I didn’t celebrate my birthday this year? Because I remembered how you said you were so excited for my birthday, that you planned something so major.
Oh little angel, did you have to leave me in dispair?

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As I come out of my thoughts,the glass in my hand shakes and my body trembles trying to swallow the pain. I slowly put down the glass trying to drown the pain that is swallowing me in. As I put my mask on acting as if nothing happened, as if the pain doesn’t effect me, I tease my brother on his heart felt letter. While I slowly go numb with the pain.

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