Omar Ahsan – Deputy Supervisor of Tectiqs’16

God works in mysterious ways. He has created few unique specimens among all sundry creations of the world, and unfortunately, Omar Ahsan is one of them. Usually spotted in floral outfits, he’s fond of baking cup-cakes and adoring fashion-designing. God has tossed him such a feminine soul that you’ll barely see him grouping with manly mates. But beneath that sissy shell lies the hard-working TECTIQS-loving core which has compelled him to join Iqra’s faculty after working for TECTIQS as a student for multiple years, that’s why he is one of the most productive supervisor in TECTIQS’16, helping out almost every single weakened student (Nagging innocent souls in the name of leadership? NOT the case with Omar).
He started his TECTIQS journey with a humble role of finance and liaison head back in 2014. And yes, he had his share of those ‘dhandli hui hay’ claims back then. Moving up the ladder in 2015, he had a colorful role (or love-hate relation should I say?) of vice-presidency in TECTIQS’15, which ended up being one of the most talked about Iqrian-event ever. Having hunger for more (partying), he went for the extremes, refusing all other work-offers just to dedicated himself for Iqra University’s betterment, which made him the first ever TECTIQS student member to join faculty-side (The evil one). These days, you’ll find him pulling his few remaining hair off whenever there’s small or huge blunders done by the TECTIQS amateurs. Keep rolling Omar, we love you 🙂

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