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DSC_5358Let me show you Optimism from my eyes.Life’s too short to let the negative in ,so why not see the brighter side of life; see it as an opportunity and as another chance to be what you’re meant to be. It’s just all about how one sees life as it’s well depicted how somebody sees a glass of water, as half full or as half empty. In today’s world of stress where everybody is just too busy to even listen to anyone else’s problems the best way out of it would be “Optimism”. You can find more people against this than the one’s in its favor. Most people generally tend to think of optimists, as fools as how they ignore the dark facts and just go for that the things will go well eventually. Optimism is all about seeing a silver lining even when going through a crucible. Optimism is just a mental attitude that the future will be optimal. Even the science is in the favor and shows that optimism might be good for physical health. Optimists are less likely to get sick and also live longer as they have a happy and healthy mind, they tend to have an open mind towards anything and everything so they have new innovative ideas and are daring to take challenges. Whereas the pessimists will be somewhat reluctant towards even the idea of anything new. Through optimism one can naturally capture the beauty and ignore the darkness around. As a famous writer once said :

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity while An optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty.”

Reading so far one might also think that optimist are absurd as there also a school of thought exists saying:

“Optimism is fool’s paradise.”

But how can somebody who’s sole purpose is stay and let others stay happy be some fool. Optimist are just like realist people but they just tend to be more inclined towards positivity and believe negativity to be there for sure but not for long it’s like every cloud has a silver lining or like seeing light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark it is. This article isn’t to change anybody’s nature of thinking but it’s just an attempt to highlight some positivity that seems to be a little relieving for the mass. So why be bleak when you can be all cheerful and bright because life’s too short to worry a lot.

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq