Our Television Dramas

Dramas, plays and soaps the most affordable entertainment for masses. It somehow the relief to the problem-stricken viewers. The latter wish to forget about the turmoils of life momentarily by watching plays on the television screens. Others simply sit by their couch , grasping their mugs of coffee/tea and enjoy it as a regular daily routine with their family members. Whatever the motifs are, the most significant purpose is my dear, Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!
Our media nowadays is somehow managing to retrieve our joyous moments in this depressive aurora by producing a number of skits, plays etc to maximize the content to shred off the mental tensions by broadcasting/on airing different comic presentations which somehow helps the audience to relief their tensions.
They target towards the general public or a specific population group particularly women children and youth. Well, the stories presented on the screen are mainly realistic and authentic to some point. The problems , situations and circumstances are correlating which are simple and convincing for the viewers. Their thoughtful natural outcome makes it more popular among most crowd. They are mainly shorter than soap operas but shorter than serials. Most of them are based on novels, digests stories or some historic folks form the chunks of our past which truly depicts the rich culture and norms of our society while opening the doors of our hidden treasures. Traditionally, it is more subjected to the women of every class from elite to poor in the dusty areas. The writers beautify the women by objectifying them to any theme of life.
Well they tend to fall in different genres lets see in the following,
Historical romance
Usually portrays the life of famous empires or the kings of the our ancestors or during the Mughal Empire. Depicting their lifestyles and thus helps the modern audience to go back in history to refresh their memories. They are less in number but whatever has been broad-casted , the writer has done justice to it e.g Tipu Sultan.

Middle class melodrama

Typically the failure in love due to class difference.
Rural romance
The setting is in any of the most enchanting rural areas while romancing and dealing the genuine problems of the villages by encountering their traditional outcomes.
Comedy drama
Dealing with the serious problems of the society in a light satirical way.
One episode drama
Mainly completes within the 50mins or less. The plot resolves thus eradicating the complexity of characters. Modern plays are otherwise.

Well! Well! in spite of all good things in our plays we still need to improve the standard. Exploration of script is needed with variant themes. Despite of focusing on the domestic , violence ,racism, sexism, ripping families apart , divorce , adultery or any disgusting themes. Writers need to focus more on real themes that infuse patriotism rather than the feelings which evoke sensual feels in our youth. Avoidness of repetition should be monetarily inducted to revolve Pakistani dramas to achieve the true colors of society to educate.
As this is the arrival of winters , grasp the coffee/tea . enjoy your favorite drama and cheers . 

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