Pain by Sadia Malik


Pain, something most people see as ugly but I chose to see it as something quite beautiful. Pain, which others call destruction is which I call a builder. Different people, different perspectives and perspectives are indeed the basis of our happiness. The way we choose to look at things is responsible for our mood. When we look at things in a positive way, we tend to be happier. Looking at life from a good perspective doesn’t mean ignoring the negative, it rather means acknowledging both the negative and the positive and understanding the difference.

Life has got a lot of open doors; a lot of opportunities for us, a lot of ways through which we can be happier. But we spend our whole lives ignoring those doors that are open right in front of us and rather keep holding on to the knobs of those which are locked forever.

To live fully, we have to let go of those door knobs, we have to let ourselves through the open spaces. We have to let ourselves get absorbed into the present. We have to let go of our past, we have to stop giving it the power to control our happiness. Sometimes holding on causes more loss than letting go.

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” –Steve Maraboli

So ask your self, what do you want to be doing now? What is it that your heart beats for? But your past won’t let you have it. Go chase your dream, if you have to walk to get there, run. If you have to run to get there, fly. Don’t let any thing hold you back from being your true self. Don’t be discouraged by the pain, for pain is simply helping you grow.

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“Without pain, we couldn’t know joy”-John Green

Don’t be afraid of letting go, don’t be afraid of pain. If a tree sheds its leaves, more take their place. Every time you lose something, you gain something for it in return. And due to the chaos it might be hard to notice the things that you are gaining. There is going to come a day in your life when you’re going to be grateful for the pain to have built you, stronger. The bottom-line is changing the way you look at pain, can help you live a painless life.


Written by Sadia Malik

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