Pakistan – A Certain Ecommerce Pivot

Pakistan – A Certain Ecommerce Pivot



It is no big surprise that with the arrival of 3G and 4G technologies, the industry operating through internet especially ecommerce has seen an exceptional growth. Some recent estimates project the internal revenue of last year around 15 million dollar, which is a huge jump as compared to what has been the case in the past. Considering the population size of the country, it has always been eyed upon by different international investors. Pakistan is definitely a lucrative place for people looking to create online marketplaces. Different ventures being run by multinationals speaks volumes of the potential growth of this sector. Ventures like Shopistan, kaymu and Asani have earned people’s trust and made profits over the years.

Allaying people’s reservations regarding online payments

Right now, the major hurdle in the boom of ecommerce is the mistrust between the seller and the buyer. A buyer is always skeptical about paying online. Similarly, the sellers too want hard cash in their hands. The situation is gradually but continuously improving and the trend of Cash on Delivery will eventually end. This is obviously going to enhance and encourage a lot of potential entrepreneurs. Young and nascent entrepreneurs will immediately jump into the pool once they see an established market. Moreover, the online technology is also improving. So, there are latest ticketing systems that help you deliver your payments.

Ecommerce – a big employer

The enormous amount of job opportunities ecommerce has created in Pakistan greatly promises its own bright future. The IT related fields have grown into big employers with hundreds and thousands of workforces not only in the big cities but in and around small cities as well. The big universities that are producing highly skilled force with heavy skills in computer programming and marketing etc. supply bulks of workforce to these ecommerce places.


Advertisements are a big part in promoting the concept of online selling and buying. Many local ventures used these novel ideas to cash in the best possible opportunities. The number of 3g users have leapfrogged from mere 1 million to almost five million in six months. This is something that promises a big future for the ecommerce in Pakistan.


The procrastination factor is also going to play a big role in the boost of this industry. The laid-back Pakistani people love to slack off in their beds and sofas especially during the winter season. What could be the most convenient thing than to order and buy something without getting out of your bed? So, definitely ecommerce sees a big future ahead.

Moreover, the sheer population size and diversity tells a lot about any sort of industry in Pakistan. People can definitely come up with new ideas to cater new demands. At times only localized person are able to apprehend and supply some possible demand in their region.

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