Pakistan from Outside by Auq-se-mah Kiyani

When I was in Pakistan I seem to be bored and fed up of the situation around me, holidays due to strikes, Adam Khor Rumors, neighbor fights, water problem, guests at home out of nowhere, and the most Important load shedding! I remember my mother use to say “save kar lo bijli janey wali he” and I was like breath less and hitting Ctrl+S. A blast outside and a loud voice after that “ohh aaj phir transformer phatt gya”. A bell at the gate with some voices “Allah k naam par de do baba terey bachey jiyen”. Early morning a loud scream jingle in my ear “Teen Daba Wech”. I decided to shift out and run from all this.

Now I miss all that, But Pet chicken is like lentil. No no, I am not talking about chicken right now. What I mean to say is “Self-possessions are always undermined and others possession seem better”. As now I do not have all this while living abroad, no beggars, no street shops, no bargaining, life seemed bore in just a month.

News is the only source to get a buzz about the situations in my homeland. Honestly speaking I had no interest in politics while living there but now miracle happened, suddenly I started taking interest in politics. Who is in, who is out, who is in power, etc.

What I miss the most is the Pakistani food. Spicy Biryani, Chat with paprri, Seekh kabab, Kbuli pulao Yummy, whenever I think about it my mouth starts watering and smoke comes out of my ears as if I am eating a red chili. But outside Pakistan you can only think about it. If you try you can easily get it but you won’t get that spicy taste that you experience while sitting in a Dhaba, eating with your hands and licking your fingers.

Your buddies, whom you can be a complete idiot with, do crazy things like running after breaking a vase, unplugging the movie screen, slipping friend’s mobile and asking for the treat in return, teasing a shy friend with someone terrible in the class. I miss all this fun and sometimes feel worse and lonely.

I really miss my language Urdu. Tilting your jaw and speaking any other language really makes me emotionally exhausted because the gratification you get from speaking Urdu is out of the world and you can’t get that pleasure whichever language you speak.

Life is so simple and straight outside Pakistan, like you are moving on a path again and again like a bull, walking around a tubewell, just having the front view, you become so frustrated that you wish to break the monotony, go crazy and jump like a monkey on a spring mattress.

My one decision changed my whole life, I wish I’ve had a future in Pakistan because at the end I have to return to my motherland, if not living surely in a coffin, to sleep in her lap forever, in peace. Allah, I pray that you continue to have your hand on this nation, and that you provide our leaders with the wisdom to guide us in the right direction so that no one has to leave their mother land for earning or living.

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  1. Nargis Ayub
    October 30, 2014 at 11:31 am — Reply

    Great title fr thx articl <3 i njOyd reading this. Seemed as if i wer at ur place 😉

    • October 30, 2014 at 3:46 pm — Reply

      thanks for your positive reply

  2. Auqsemah Kiyani
    November 2, 2014 at 2:34 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the liking, I just wrote my own feelings.

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