Pakistan Music Showcase – The best way to improve Pakistan’s image in the world. By Zeejah Fazli

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Pakistan Music Showcase –The best way to improve Pakistan’s image in the world.


Music bridges people from different regions and cultures and acts as an instant ice breaker. The musicians of Pakistan that represent the humanist and pluralistic culture of the land have become increasingly isolated in their work due to security threats and an influx of religious extremism within Pakistan. Showcasing the best of Pakistani culture through music is a huge achievement both for the individual musicians involved, who would be able to perform their art while connecting and interacting with their international counterparts; and for the secular society of Pakistan at large by promoting and strengthening the humanist and pluralistic values of the country.


Pakistan is geographically at the crossroads for a cultural hub between the East and the West. There is a need to work on national and international level for the introduction of newer forms of music (fusion/experiments/collaborations) in the region. This kind of interaction not only promotes mutual sharing but also gives an opportunity for friendship and collaborations.  In order to create such awareness, there is also a need to have seminars, conferences and workshops on both micro and macro level for the promotion of inter-cultural harmony and promulgation of the rich culture of Pakistan.


Pakistan has a fairly negative image in the international media due to religious extremism, political instability, corruption and terrorism. Any expat visiting Pakistan has a somewhat negative view of Pakistan before visiting and meeting the people and has a totally different and positive opinion after meeting the people in the country. Music is the strongest and most effective way to connect and to propagate friendship, understanding and the true spirit of Pakistan. We need legends like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and it is absolutely necessary for Pakistan to reach all corners of the world with its original and indigenous music to share with the world and introduce the softer side of the nation for the correction of our image in the international media.


FACE, Foundation for Arts Culture and Education, is an organization whose mission is to strengthen, empower, and educate communities through the universal language of arts and through cultural interactions. It plays an important role in ensuring education at all levels to empower men and women to create stronger, more humane, creative and sustainable communities. By producing publicly accessible programs, and multimedia productions, FACE provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and collaborations that can lead to positive social change.

FACE has also prepared various Pakistan Music Showcases for this purpose. The goals and objectives of showcasing Pakistani musicians and culture are:

  • Providing deserving musicians with eminent international platforms to showcase their Art.
  • Connecting deserving musicians with international promoters, publishers and booking agents.
  • Showcasing and strengthening the humanist and pluralistic culture of Pakistan.
  • Providing training to the musicians in functioning as a joint touring troupe.
  • Connecting traditional and modern cultures in a harmonious way.
  • Inspiring young people to enter into the field of music by connecting with the international music industry.

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