Pakistan Zindabad: Happy 70th Independence Day

Pakistan Zindabad: Happy 70th Independence Day

On sacred night of 27th Ramadan, 14th August 1947, we were blessed with freedom from chains of slavery and cruelty. Quaid rightly said,

“There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan”

But Pakistan’s sanctity is questioned every passing day by global viral trends. “Pakistan” now stands synonymous with “Terrorism” in Western mind. Unfortunately enough, we all are having a western bent of mind. Our minds are tainted grey due to ambivalence of our hearts as we are indecisive between Eastern and Western trends.

Ruins of East are transforming us into masterpieces of the West. Despite the ruins, we are the best mosaic cultural generation with a blend of talent from East as well as the West.

Pakistan was Quaid’s vision and we need to join hands to make it a better and brighter vision. It is a sacred land that fostered great minds, talents and cultures. It is one fertile land where dreams can be sown to be reaped along with love and appreciation. Dreams face appreciation more than criticism. Challenges are faced more than envious competitions.


We have the best army that does not allow enemy to even step into our terrain. We are the most contributing nation in UN peace missions and associations. Can we still be terrorist?

We have heroes like Aitezaz Ahsan, Syed Fahad Ali and Malala Yousafzai who have made us proud in front of the world by their struggles to defend Pakistan’s stance to attain education. It is a fight against terrorism.

We have women like Ayesha Farooq who is first ever female fighter pilot is descriptive of the fact that our society is not conservative towards women. Maria Toorpakai Wazir is international female squash player who has won accolades for her untiring efforts. Namira Salim is first female Pakistani astronaut who has won Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in 2011.

We have Abdul Sattar Edhi and Chippa who are involved in all kinds of non-profit welfare associations.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and Dr Abdul Salam are our proud. Ali Moeen Nawazish who aced in 23 subjects in Cambridge O-Levels is another proud Pakistani.  Dr Naweed Syed, Pakistani scientist who for the first time connected “brain cells to a silicon cells”. Mehroz Yawar and Arfa Kareem  are among the youngest Microsoft Certified Professionals.

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We have thinkers like Ashfaq Ahmed, Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, Sadat Hassan Manto and many more who can still guide our youth by spell-binding our youth.

We have film industry producing plays like Khuda Kay Liye, Waar, Bol, Jinnah, Manto  etc. which make us think over our actions, words and characters.

We have professors and aalim like Bilal Qutub and mentors like Qasim Ali Shah who encourage our youth towards becoming a better person and to be the best. Umair Jaliawala, another youth is working on mentoring minds of Youth to follow their dreams till the end.Positive-Side-of-Pakistan

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The trail does not end here but I am a Proud Pakistani when I hear the names of legends of Pakistan. I become blind and deaf too when a grim and gloomy picture of our Nation is portrayed by Media. Liberty is somewhat dying but it hasn’t stopped breathing yet. Pakistan is an independent democratic state free of restrictions of cast, color and religion. We need to stand tall and brave against storms of the west. Pakistan has brighter side to it too which can only be seen by those who have visions like Quaid and Iqbal.

Written By: Samina Fazal

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