The Perfect Activities for a Lovable Summer!

Last day of university, and you are jumping out of your skin with excitement because vacations are on the way. You come home, the smile on your face indicating all the happy things you have planned for the summer.
Expectation: you find yourself dreaming about trekking, parties and hangouts.
Reality: you just sit in front of the television, slowly turning into a couch potato, sleeping your day off because literally, the heat outside is unbearable.
So, how to reverse this down-turned smile?Here are a few options to help you turn your summer into an unforgettable experience.

Grab a Book!

Why mope around because of the heat? Grab a good book and get comfy on thebook couch! Its the perfect companion to take you through the day, as you engross yourself in the different elements of the book. Be it a mystery novel or a romantic one, your heart will definitely melt because the language spoken by a  book is stronger than any language in the world. It hits you harder and comforts you better.
Let your emotional self get wild with a good book suggested by a friend and pass your summer in style.
Spoiler alert, no matter what the genre, you are definitely going to cry in the end, so better keep a tissue box and a new book ready, just in case!

Paint your heart out

Hail all art lovers! Bring out your rusting aispaintles and disintegrating canvas pieces, and get to work. Abstracts, portraits, landscapes; anything and everything will work. Just let your mind wander, away from the simmering heat and let your hand flow gracefully over the canvas. Paint your heart and  mind out, and decorate your room with these beautiful art pieces. Let your room be a window to your imagination for everyone to see.

Northern Areas, here we come!

Plan beforehand for an unforgettable trip to the northern parts, and mind you, DO NOT go alone. Ask your family, relatives, cousins and friends to come with you and explore mother nature. The weather is pleasant and will calm your nerves, a perfect escape from heat.
Bring out your camera, and capture everything that appeals to you. Sharpen your photography skills in this beautiful land. Take pictures of your traveling buddies and make memories.
Hit the local bazaar and buy local souvenirs as a token of your trip. Enjoy the local cuisine as well, while you have the opportunity.
Enjoy the cold nights by arranging a barbecue and tuck into the hot meat in the chilly weather. Sit around a warm fire and exchange pleasant stories and past experiences. Could anything get better than this?

Get Innovative, Build something up

The old store stuff is definitely rotting, why not bring it out and recycle? There are so many things you can do with the junk in your house. Use those brains, or easier, Google search some innovative ideas on how to recycle old stuff. Why not make rugs from old t-shirts or renovate your old table and make it into a pretty chair? Better, you can use those old tires and make a bean bag out of it.
There are so many DIY ideas worth exploring. Save up while you make up.

Water Sporting

What do you thing of when you think of heat? Of course, Water! Its the only thing that calms your nerves when you can’t bear the heat. A cool splash on your face alsummer funways brings you to your senses. Why not take it a step further and splash yourself with plenty more? Plan a water sporting event in a nearby water sports themed park and chill out! Take your friends and take a water slide or ride on a motor boat and have fun!
You can also get membership for swimming in a pool for the summer, and tone up your body while you cool off at the same time.
(if for some reason, you can not go for water sporting outside, never worry, organize a water war right in your home.)

Hangouts with Friends

You have waited for this moment your entire year. The stressful curriculum provided you no space for parties but now you can definitely do whatever you want! Plan an extravagant get together with the best of your pals and rock this summer. Order your favorite food and watch something cute or funny. Clearly this is one of those things I need not elaborate about because with friends, everyone has a plan. A plan that clearly brings out the best in you.

There’s plenty to do this summer. Don’t let a moment go to waste while you plan it!


Article by: Kashmala Adil Qazi


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