Photography : Basic Settings By Abdul Baqi

Photography : Basic Settings

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Photography is the art of light capturing. it starts with your eyes, then image will be made in the brain, then a camera will further help. then you draw on it paper.

History of photography is hundreds of year’s old. Modern Photography starts around 80 years before when camera comes in compact shape.  Image was recorded  on light sensitive material which was usually 35mm film.

Now a days photography or taking pictures is very easy. because a very small size camera has been comes in every person’s pocket in shape of Mobile phone, Smart Phone or Tablet PC.

Which basic things you need to learn in your camera, whatever the brand you have, are 3 main things.



3) is shutter speed

ISO: ISO setting relates with your camera sensor sensitivity and this shows, how much camera sensitive for light capture.

Aperture: Aperture means “opening.” The opening inside the camera’s lens is what lets light into the camera. Photographers refer to the size of this opening as the aperture. Aperture is adjustable in most cameras.
The aperture is calibrated in f/stops. Common f/stops are f/22, f/16, f/11, f/8, f5.6, f/4, and f/2.8. Sometimes they are written with a dash, such as f-22. In spoken language the punctuation is not mentioned. F/22 would be spoken of as simply f 22.

Shutter Speed: This thing describes, for  how much time shutter will be open. it can be a fraction of Second to up to 30 seconds

Aperture works together with shutter speed and ISO to form an ideal exposure. There is more than one combination that will produce an image with the same lightness and darkness. If the photographer starts with a set exposure, he/she could change the aperture to be more opened up. Then the camera would automatically choose a faster shutter speed in order to maintain the same amount of light entering the lens through the now larger opening.

When the ISO is changed, the camera’s sensitivity to light is increased or decreased. So the combination of aperture/shutter speed will change accordingly. The photographer may want to change the ISO in order to get the desired combination. Sometimes there is no shutter speed available for the chosen aperture. This usually happens in very dark or very bright lighting situation.

There are obvious reasons to choose a specific shutter speed. The not-so-obvious reasons for the aperture choice will be covered in another basic photography article.

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