The Photography by Sabeeh Pervaiz


 The Photography


“How badly to you want something dedicates how hard you  will work at  it “

 “Nothing Worth’s have easy coming” that what I have learned from my experience. I Sabeeh Pervaiz Born in  Wah Cantt first encountered wildlife when I was 18, My passion for the wild was always there but because of the  lack of capitals I had no camera, When I started photography I had Sony cyber shot an ordinary camera trying to  capture the gigantic spider in my room, I tried again to reap the desired results but never got fed up. Then a  time came when I had my own DSLR and then I got the chance to show the world what I have got and what  Pakistan has got.

In a very short span of time I was quite general in the University and the town I even started giving talks on the  wild photography and the chances young photographers have got out there to show the world what they got.  Pakistan has got countless talent we just need to refine them and give them a proper track.

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 My theme is to let you guys know was there is still hope inside you, there is a little Patriot inside you never let it  down. I desire all the young passionate
 photographers to step up let the world know about Pakistan, You might not have anything to count on today but if you work hard and give your best a day will come when you will get to know the worth of that struggle. I hope to see a lot from you guys too in the future .

Youth TImes wish him all the best. You can contact him on facebook page


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