Power of a common man by Hanna Anwer



Power of a Common Man

In the wake of Peshawar incident, a brutal act by Taliban which has terrorized each and every person around the globe, I was forced to think who’s responsible for this?

Just like each incident that takes place in the country which take lives of many people I have expected the civil society to sit back and watch silently again, like always. To my surprise many people stood up, spoke and condemned this in their own ways. I could see  emotions like anger, fear and frustration in people after the Peshawar attack which has forced them to come out on streets. Well, I appreciate the fact that the nation stands united against this heart wrenching incident. This is something very positive and very much needed right now. But getting back to my question, who is responsible for this barbarous act?

I don’t consider the government, the security agencies, the forces or even Taliban responsible for this. That is because of one reason that WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for murder of every innocent person on Pakistan’s land. YES US. Have we stood up for those people who were murdered in Target Killings, those Shiites who were killed due to sectarian violence, those children who have died in the Drone Attacks, those families and children suffering torturous death and hunger in Tharparkar, Sindh, this wouldn’t have happened if we did. Where were Pakistani’s when recently the blind & handicapped people were beaten on the roads, protesting for their rights?  Did anybody come out to protect them?  No, all of us remained silent. Have we, the common people, spoken for all those victims who have lost their lives for the reason they didn’t even know, have we spoken against the evil AT THAT TIME, when this barbarism was not common, we could say we have played our role of being a Pakistani. But NO, we were silent during all those years. That is why TODAY WE SUFFER.

This is our punishment of being silent, because it hasn’t happened to our children, parents or family members yet, but the day we will directly be victimized will be the day we will raise our voices. My question is why WAIT for that moment to come? When we ALL will stand united and raise our voice against injustice, for what WE want. When would we realize that we, the common people, have the power to get amendments and additions in the National Policies, to the constitution, and to the decisions of the handful of leaders?

I often wonder WHEN WE WILL STOP DEPENDING OUR LEADERS. Why do we even wait for others to struggle for something we need? I completely disagree that due to the xyz leader or political party the current turmoil has taken place. A handful of leaders have NO POWER when confronted by millions of citizens. The reality is that when the power of a common man  will be used we will rule our leaders instead of being ruled! We will rule this country instead of depending on others. Only if the citizen of Pakistan use their powers they can do wonders I believe.

So the incidents around us are because of  YOU & ME. We are responsible for this and we can change this by standing united against something that is against National Interests.

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  1. anum
    October 8, 2017 at 1:18 pm — Reply

    so what do you think was our responsibility to do after that attack.bacause i thhink every pakistani did thier best and tried.

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