The Power of Words

He is a brilliant student, he works hard and submits his assignments on time. But, he is so under confident that he is going to lose it at the zero hour. His hands shake when he thinks of exams and tests. He drops his stuff, spills it here and there in confusion and desperation.

You, as his teacher, watch him do this. You see and realise that he has the material to pull it off, yet he doesn’t have the machinery. You can see him grope about in the dark even when he knows where the switch is. You see him writing a ‘b’ instead of a ‘d’ because his hands were shaking and he was worried he was going to fail.

And all it takes, all you need to do is, go to him and place your hand on his shoulder and say,

‘Hey, you’ve got this. It’s all in your brain, both the sanity and madness. You just need to choose the right thing. You have the knowledge, just execute the plan. You will not fall if you know where the road is rough. You will only fall if you deliberately close your eyes and turn your back to the reality. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goal if you don’t stop yourself. You are your own solution. Why do you stop? Because you are afraid of failing? Or skeptical of the result? You don’t need to worry over the stuff that doesn’t lie in your domain. You need to sweat over the stuff that takes you to the limit, to the edge. And, then, just jump and let it go. Relax. Its going to be okay.’

You see a smile, an unsure smile spread across his features. His eyes shine with hope as he starts over. And you give him this hope in small doses whenever he falls out of balance. You urge him forward when he is afraid to take a step, guide him through obstacles and slowly give him the reins of his own kingdom.

And finally, one day, he comes to you with a big, confident smile. He has passed.

That moment helps you realise your strength. It helps you realise the power of words. Words are healers greater than human beings. They are abstract, virtual objects while not being concrete at the same time. They can hit you harder than a stone and caress you softer than a breeze. They can help you feel a mother’s touch from across the globe. They can make you lose your composure over the phone cables. They have the ability to delineate a disoriented person and disorient an organised person. They have the ability to energize an entire army that goes to wipe out an entire race. They have the potential to create a stir in a morally weak population of people. They have the authority to motivate helpless masses into working for a useful cause. They can make a perfectly cheerful person cry.

People use them,  abuse them, manipulate them, sugar coat them, throw them into your face or back stab you with them when you are unaware. A good command over words and a well spoken sentence can affect people positively. A badly spoken, misjudged comment will earn you no points. A good grasp on language presents a good impression. The human brain is tricked into believing that this person seems to take life seriously. It reassures you when spoken at the right time for the right reason. Word also have the power to annoy you when repeated indefinitely. They can anger you when a sentence attacks a personal truth and make you retaliate if they are against you. They maybe just a mumble jumble of individual letters, but in reality, they are worse than any weapon of mass destruction.

Interview of CEO Fahad Farooq

This dramatic flair provided to the context of words is not meaningless. The purpose of such a discussion is to make everyone realize what you say everyday and every second has an affect on the people around you. People are constantly at risk from hazardous words. They can wound you more sharply than a knife. God Almighty has given us, human beings, the power to speak or write and breathe words. So that we can communicate better, so that we can understand more easily, so we can love more passionately, so that we can console more compassionately, so that we can humor ourselves with more wit and so that we can create for ourselves, a better expressed world where there is no barrier to communication.


Use your words to tell tales of bravery and courage, of love and emotion, of truth and honour, of treachery and its inevitable end and heal others. Its a tool, use it when you see someone in need. Money may not always be enough, but you can still make a beggar smile. You may be weak yourself but you can motivate another person and give him strength. Use your words to spread happiness and avoid hurting people if you can. People lose faith and trust in a second when your words make them feel like it. You don’t want that, you are here to spread joy. Our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) made people believe with his words. He (P.B.U.H.) restored faith of thousands of people with his words. He (P.B.U.H.) conquered the hearts of millions of people with only his words.

Its a special art, if you have it, don’t waste it.



Written by

Kashmala Adil Qazi

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