Prisma is the new cool thing

Prisma is the new cool thing

It has been a few days that my Instagram and Facebook newsfeed is getting filled with pictures using some very amazing filters offered by the photo editing app, Prisma. Hardly after a week since its release, Prisma had around 1.6 million downloads, as told by the CEO and co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov, taking the internet by storm.


Prisma is a free, very simple and user friendly app that uses artificial intelligence to turn ordinary pictures into incredible works of art, based on the art work by famous artists. The app developed in Russia, was initially launched in six countries and now is in about 25 to 30 countries. It is getting 300,000 installs per day and has been ranked as the fifth most popular free app on iTunes with around one million daily users. Now that is huge success! The app turns pictures into artworks using a combination of artificial intelligence and neural networks. All processing is done in the cloud on the team’s servers, rather than on the device.

Simple and easy

The working of Prisma is pretty simple; either take a new picture in real time or upload a picture from the gallery. Tap next and then choose the filter you find best from among 30 awesome filters. The filters are given different names based on famous paintings or names of artists, like Mondrian for Piet Mondrian, Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, Impression, Running in the storm, Curtain, etc. After applying the filter, swipe from right to left to change the intensity of the filter you are applying; maximum intensity at extreme right and vice versa. Tap next and boo! Here is your picture completely transformed into a wonderful piece of art, within a few seconds. You’re then given the option of either saving it or sharing it on your social network.

Results of each filter vary differently for each picture depending upon the object(s) in the picture and lighting conditions. The app works best for pictures of places, making them look like an actual painting with well-defined strokes of brush.Is-Prisma-the-craze-thatll-overtake-Pokemon-GO-Popular-app-does-something-amazing-with-your-pictures

A little patience, android users

Currently however, the app is only available for iOS, requiring iOS 8 or above to run, so it will run on iPhone 4S and onwards. But no worries android users! The android version is due to release hopefully by the end of this month. As for now, you can still get your hands on the Beta version of the app that has been released by the company. A beta version is an earlier version of an app that is not yet complete. It contains the major functions and is usually released for testing and feedback purpose.

New features coming soon

According to the CEO,  the company is currently working on adding new features like applying filters on videos and gifs. Also, more filter options are being added and the aim is to add two more filters every day, according to Alexey. “After a month we will have about 40 styles,” he says.

Getting famous with celebrities

The app is becoming a favourite by people in general as well as Bollywood celebrities. They have been seen posting some awesome painting-like pictures, edited by Prisma.



It is one cool app that everybody is trying out and getting amused by, and is a must try.



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