Proper Grammar Matters!

You see what the title says? It says PROPER GRAMMAR MATTERS. How? I will tell you in this article that how grammar can make and even break your relations with others. A grammar freak like me finds it unbearable to tolerate the silly grammatical mistakes in everyday’s conversation. Some people do it purposely that is they intentionally don’t punctuate their sentences just to reply quickly. Seriously? Tell me more about the nanosecond you saved by not putting an apostrophe in Whats up?

A grammatical mistake can become life time regret. Don’t believe me? See this:


Ouch, it hurts too.

Here check out those stupid mistakes which you do on daily bases without knowing the fact that it can change the whole meaning of a sentence.

 Right punctuation at right time

Punctuation plays a very important role in conveying the actual message which you want the receiver to understand. Consider this example below:


You saw the power of a little apostrophe that saved grandma’s life? Now see the power of a common coma:


I tell you how a comma changes the whole meaning through this example:

Don’t move

Don’t, move!

Told you grammar matters a lot!


She, you and I!

Well putting yourself at first place in all the things is a bad manner and that is also a grammatical rule to show your presence in the last place after the pronoun and noun.

Consider this example:  Sarah, you and I are going to theater tonight!

When you are dealing with three personalities at a time, putting yourself in the bottom of the list is what a true gentleman would do. But what if you are a woman? Congratulations this rule works for both the genders. Thanks heavens at least Grammar is not a Gender Biased. Phew!

Get your Than and Then right

A lot of people feel troubled in knowing the correct usage of ‘Than and Then’. Don’t worry I am here to solve this issue. Just by knowing the meaning of both words it would become easier to understand their usage.

‘Then’ is used when time and sequence of something is concerned. Let’s see this example: “I woke up and then had breakfast”

‘Than’ is used when we have to make a comparison between two things. Like: She is prettier than you are. This will clear the point much better. I couldn’t find any more relate able example than this:



 There, their, they’re!

First see what this image has to say:


Oops is it this big mistake to not know the difference between there, their and they’re?

I can solve it for you. ‘They’re’ is yet another contradictory form of ‘They are/were’ while ‘There’ indicates a place whereas ‘Their’ shows belonging. Check this one:


See it’s not that difficult. Is it?


 It’s and Its.

This one is a bit tricky because mostly people get stuck between the use of ‘it’s and its.’ It would become easy if we look at the meaning and usage of both the words.” It’s” is a contradictory form of ‘It Is/has’. And without apostrophe ‘Its’ shows the possessiveness of the pronoun. For instance:

  • It’s not easy to live alone.
  • Never judge a book by its cover

let’s make it more clear:




Did you know?

Did you know that with ‘did’ we must put first form of verb? No?  Check this one out:


If you didn’t get the mistake in the above illustration and you are single then you must stay that way because poor grammar is another reason why nobody wants to be in a relationship with you. But now you know right? Do thank me later.


Aint nobody got time for that!

So you thought that double negative in one sentence will add too much negativity in it? Well you must cross check your grammar because double negative in one phrase will make it positive. Don’t trust me? Consider the examples below:

I can’t get no sleep


All the witnesses claimed that didn’t see nothing.

What about this confession?



 You’re not Your.

So if you could go ahead and learn the difference between You’re and Your, that would be great!


Did this help? I am sure it did.

So from now on please make sure that you’re checking your grammar before you confess anything or otherwise..


Do I need to say any more?

Written By: Farwa Jasmeen


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