The pros and cons of Contact lenses

Everyone, who has ever worn glasses, has had to ask himself at least once if there was ever a way to get rid of this. This, the extra, plastic window thingy one wears to improve his vision. While it is actually improving our vision, it is downsizing the natural appearance. It not only affects physically but also psychologically. Nick names like chashmatoo is something every glasses wearer has had to experience. Necessity is the mother of invention after all, and some extremely traumatised glasses wearer decided to invent the contact lens.

As elaborated by Wiki, Contact lenses, or simply contact or CL, is a thin lens placed directly on the surface of the eye. CLs are considered medical devices and can be worn to correct vision, or for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons. As evident by the technique, this has a lot of a risks as well as quite some benefits to offer.

The pros

  • Most importantly, no glasses! It hardly leaves any kind of sign that you are wearing anything over your eyes. You can look you without the plastic.
  • The soft, pliable material protects eye from any traumatic experience.
  • Glasses leave a mark on the bridge of your nose (in many individuals) which the lens clearly avoids
  • Glasses tend to fog up (when you come out of a cold room into a hot environment) or get wet ( in rain especially). This kind of situation tends to present serious issues in emergency situations
  • They come in different colors and sizes and can be used to make eyeball bigger and change its color.

The cons

  • Eyes are a sensitive region of our body. Any infection can be transmitted through a dirty lens which can pose a threat to integrity of the eye. Thus their disinfection and cleaning is essential for healthy eyes.
  • There have been cases of lenses melting in hot areas, like from the smoke and heat in a barbeque etc. The proximity of lens in this case is dangerous.
  • One can not sleep with lens on. Some people do sleep but it is usually advised against it.
  • They tend to dry up your eyes so it’s essential to keep the eyes hydrated when lenses are used on a daily basis.
  • The lens needs to stay in a liquid environment too. Special solutions are provided for this purpose
  • It is a costly apparatus.

With increasing number of people who have started wearing glasses, the experience is less traumatising. Many people tend to prefer these over lenses because of the serious issues they present. Yet the level of ease provided by lenses can not be overlooked and its up to you what you feel is more important.

Article by: Kashmala Adil Qazi

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