The Proud of Pakistan Moin Khan By: Hira

The Proud of Pakistan Moin Khan

moin moin

I would like to introduce you to Moin Khan and share his amazing story with you. In 2011, Moin, a San Francisco State University graduate, rode his CBR600 motorcycle from San Francisco to Pakistan (forty thousand kilometers) to tell the world that we Pakistani Muslims are peace loving people. He did not carry paper maps or a GPS system, forcing him to ask for directions, meet new people and allowing him to share his message with the world.

In 2012, Moin explored the northern Himalayas of Pakistan on a 1962 Vespa scooter. Stunned by the beauty of his own country, he invited two riders from California in 2013 and took them around Pakistan on motorcycles for 26 days.

In 2014, to further his initiative, he invited fifteen people over from different parts of the world. A film crew followed the group recording every minute of the entire tour. After four months of hard work, we have prepared a documentary “Rediscovering Pakistan – The Untold tale” which shows the other side of Pakistan, a side unknown to the world.

Moin Khan – ADifferentAgenda is the only Pakistani shortlisted for Fjällräven. He needs our votes to win this contest If he wins this contest, he will get to represent Pakistan in the North Pole.

If he could have applied from the USA category, He would’ve have easily won but he wanted to represent Pakistan

Let’s show some support for oumoinr Pakistani adventurer to win this.

Click the link below and vote. Share this post. If you really want to help him out then TAG as many friends as you can so they can vote. http://www.fjallravenpolar.com/show-all-contributions/?fbid=651242787

This one is for Pakistan. Lets all make this happen!



The trailer for this documentary is available on the following link: https://vimeo.com/99910514

“Rediscovering Pakistan – The Untold Tale” – A motorcycle Journey – ADifferentAgenda from Moin Khan – ADifferentAgenda on Vimeo.

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