Public transport : Need more warrants by Government

Public transport is not just a facility its actually a need of a country like Pakistan. In Pakistan different types of public transport is available. Why public transport should be given priority over private transporttraffic

  • It reduces number of vehicles on roads and make traffic control easier
  • It reduces or limits consumption of fuel , so saves money and reduces carbon footprints ,so help in environmental challenges
  • It helps improve quality of life by allowing public make more savings personally because it is cheaper
  • It enhances personal opportunities by facilitating everyone to go anywhere for different purposes e.g schools offices etc

In Pakistan public transport services are developed at a large scale in recent years and are paid more attention as a result many metro facilities are being introduced in many cities. Hopefully more will done in this sector. The key areas are public behavior towards public transportation, laws and rules of traffic that can be changed to bring improvements.

Being public we should take care of public service commodities because  a small carelessness depreciates that product at the double rate and results in large economic loss of that nation. Public projects are very difficult to undertake and it takes along time to undergo a public project even for very well developed nations.

Public should respect public services and also their employees and people who use them. It is my personal observation and many of you will agree that we try to block public buses and Vans and try to go first. Instead we should at our own give preference to public buses and vans and allow them to go first. This is just a matter of giving respect and it just takes few minutes of us. If we start contributing small things for our economy then I can assure you you will get back soon.

At government level,Though government is doing a lot in this regard but some small changes in rules can bring a large improvements .Here are some more suggestion

  • In law must be given privilege by allowing public transport move swiftly in traffic jams and get a way quickly like ambulances because it creates lots of problems for passengers within and also other passengers waiting on different stops
  • health checkup centers should be introduced and must be made mandatory for every kind of public bus or public vans . Government must charge against it and must give a stamp against each year checkup.


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  1. January 29, 2017 at 12:00 pm — Reply

    Yes, Public transport is very beneficial in a sense because Pakistan mostly people do not have their own conveyance. People who are doing jobs and travel on daily basis, they prefer public transport. Government should pay more attention in this sector to facilitate people.

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