Ramadan Kareem

 Ramadan Kareem

Its the time of the year when we all Muslims are preparing for Ramadan Kareem. Many of you must have had all the grocery shopping done in bulk. Well, I am not going to write how blessed and important this month is for us. We all know it. The thing we don’t realize is its true spirit. No, Ramadan does not just mean fasting all day and praying. It is a practice of staying together and being united. It teaches us to realize the starving of the poor and makes us to try to eradicate the bad norms of the society. Prayers offered in the mosque teach us time management and that everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah whether rich, poor, old, young, handsome or ugly. Fasting all day is itself an act of abstinence.
As Allah promises in the Quran, the Satan and his followers are locked up! So whatever you do is on you! Do not blame the Satan for showing you the *lush gardens*. Here, we come to know about the devils inside our souls. Worth mentioning part is the prices of eatables. Well, they are sky-high whenever Ramadan approaches. Really? Do you know many countries of the world lower their market rates of goods in their holy days? Many of you who have relatives in other countries must know about it. Why? Because it is the *shopping season* for them as everything is available at low prices. Why is that we Muslims call ourselves the Best of all nations and still do not follow the true teaching of Islam. No doubt we are *FAMOUS* in the whole world! Furthermore, our generation has a new sort of trend for Ramadan.
They stay awake all night watching movies and videos, playing games, and yes I am not going to forget about students who have exams scheduled after Ramadan or are in the phase of giving entrance tests for various universities. They sleep after Sahar and wake up just before Aftaar. Okay, so here you missed your prayers. What is the purpose of fasting then? Well I do understand the struggle because its June-July, the hottest months of the year and its really very hard to fast when its 35-40 degrees and above outside. So yes this routine is kind of justified. But make sure you do not miss you prayers and manage time properly. Sleeping all day and wasting time on useless things at night is not going to help! Make a proper time table and do take care of your health. Dehydration is going to be a major issue so take lots of water and fruits. Follow proper diet plan. People with Diabetes should consult their doctors before deciding to fast. And yes! Please do not make medical excuses for not fasting if it is not a real issue. Health comes first but make sure you do fall in the CATEGORY of those who cannot fast. It is Farz (compulsion) for all except the sick, elderly and the children.
At the end, Best of Luck for your preparations! I hope we all have a peaceful Ramadan this year and all the coming years! May Allah bless us all and forgive our sins. (Ameen)
Team of Youth Times Wish you Happy Ramadan
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  1. Maryum naseer
    November 18, 2016 at 4:46 am — Reply

    Very nice…..this article has an excellent message for this generation……..

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